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Virginia Individual Health Insurance | Virginia Medical Insurance & Medicare Plans - Virginia health insurance plans from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Compare individual, family, & group health insurance prices, and get affordable Virginia Medicare health insurance.

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  • http://www.mylocalbroker.net/virginia/individual/anthem_health_insurance_application_virginia.php Anthem Individual Health Insurance Application | Blue Cross Blue Shield - Anthem Blue Cross health insurance prices in Virginia. Get affordable health insurance prices from Anthem Blue Cross of Virginia for self-employed workers, families & individuals.
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  • http://www.mylocalbroker.net/virginia/health_insurance_guide/anthem/anthem_individual_health_insurance_guide_virginia.html Anthem Virginia Individual Health Insurance Guide, Compare Anthem Virginia Plans - Anthem Blue Cross Individual health insurance guide of Virginia. Choose from Anthem Blue Cross plans like CoreShare, SmartSense, Lumenos, & Premier and compare Anthem health insurance in Virginia.
  • http://www.mylocalbroker.net/virginia/health_insurance_guide/anthem/anthem_family_health_insurance_guide_virginia.html Anthem Virginia Family Health Insurance Guide, Family Health Insurance in Virginia - Anthem family health insurance guide of Virginia. Choose from Anthem Blue Cross plans like CoreShare, SmartSense, Lumenos, & Premier and compare family health insurance in Virginia.
  • http://www.mylocalbroker.net/virginia/health_insurance_guide/self_employed_health_insurance_virginia_guide.html Self-Employed Health Insurance Virginia Guide | Medical Insurance Self Employed Virginia - Self-Employed Virginia health insurance guide. Get affordable health insurance for Virginia Self-Employed workers, compare individual Virginia health insurance plans, and choose the best medical coverage.
  • http://www.mylocalbroker.net/about_mylocalbroker_virginia_insurance.html MyLocalBroker.net - Virginia Health Insurance Plans | Individual & Family - At MyLocalBroker.net you can the best health insurance plans in Virginia, compare medical insurance benefits, and get the most affordable Medicare plan to fit your health insurance coverage needs.

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  • Brandon Deno - Charging more for less of a lesser product than the old formula

    No longer the same formula. I used to be a loyal customer and the previous version was the only Whey protein I used for years based on flavor and no processed ingredients. They also are charging more for less of a lesser product.

  • Amazon Customer - Great supplement

    I ordered mine from an idependant distributor. First off I like how my body felt after two weeks of using the greens. I found the colder the water or juice the better, plus mixing or shaking it really well helped desolve the greens and made it easier to drink. (I personally do not like it mixed with water, but we are all different)

  • Mary Emerson - couldn't install it, waste of money

    I tried for a couple hours to get it to install on my machine. It wouldn't; it said it found an error, but the help didn't give a clue what the error was, or if it had a number associated with it. I even tried removing my old Word 2003, but 2010 still wouldn't install. I eventually gave up and put my old copy of Word 2003 back on the machine, with the Microsoft 2007 patch that deals with newer file formats and DOCX files.

  • Beej - These really do work

    I just finished day 40 on these drops and they are great. I lost 25 pounds, staying on a diet under a 1,000 calories a day with no carbs. I am very satisfied with these and plan to go back on them for another 40 days once I am past the holidays. One of the things I like about them is that they taste good so it's not a chore to take them. I wish they came with a suggested diet though.

  • James McClintock - 2012 Could This Really Happen?

    Fantastic special effects. Great script and the actors, both young and old, were very professional in their presentation. I recommend this movie to anyone that might suspect that due to our governments fooling around, this might happen.

  • Chi Guy - Great taste. Works well. A little bulky for the dose. Wish I could give 4.5 stars.

    If you read my other reviews, my ongoing theme is balance is better than excess. B-12 is a very good vitamin to supplement. However, many supplemental forms come in 1000 - 5000 mcg. Your body only needs 2.4 mcg (MICRO-grams, not MILLI-grams).

  • PinkMango - Distributors love it...customers...not so much

    Gee...the bad reviews, including unlabeled dangerous side effects are customers, while every five star review just happens to be a distributor. Another's MLM to separate good people from their money. Boo.