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Employee Benefits Fund - PBC Firefighters Employee Benefits Fund, A self funded Health Ins Co. for Palm Beach County Firefighters

Country:, North America, US

City: -122.6751 Oregon, United States

  • Ron O. - The Best

    This product exceeded my expectations. Having tried other "over the drain" strainer type hair catchers, I was frustrated with the slow water drain. The TubShroom does an excellent job of trapping my wife's long hair and my shortish hair while maintaining a normal drain flow. The topper for me was how effective it is in trapping my dog's short hair (I just gave her a bath today). The clockwise rotation of the draining water causes the hair to neatly wrap around the device until you remove it. This product works so well that I am planning to purchase another one for my other shower/tub.

  • barbara m. - it should be called the wonderful new yorker

    where in one place can you get so much good writing, good laughs, good reviews? timely informaiton? displays and runminations by brilliant minds? great magazine

  • Cenile D. Mentia - An affordable, good looking monitor

    I primarily got this because I wanted a budget-friendly IPS monitor which included a headphone jack--and it delivered! This is a nice and sleek looking monitor, primarily due to its thin bezels. In addition, at $130 (at time of review), it feels reasonably priced.

  • texasrose - Helps me keep up with what is new.

    I have granddaughters and an etsy site where I sell things I knit. This magazine helps me with both so I don't get too behind the times in my retirement..

  • Timothy D. Hotze - Does not work as intended

    Like many Americans, I'm concerned with the problem of loose women, many of whom seek to become single mothers who avoid hard work and instead become dependent on the government. As a potential solution for my loose women, I decided to purchase this Avery View Binder to keep them all in one place. The binder, though well-constructed, does really solve my original problem, however. Even when securely in the binder, many of the women continue to eschew mainstream traditional values and talk about ridiculous things like equal pay, control over their reproductive decisions and access to political office.