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My Epilepsy Story | Epilepsy is not beyond a cure, it is simply underfunded. - This is our story, and this is why we're here To help women and girls living with epilepsy Signup for our mailing list to

  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/donate/ Donate | My Epilepsy Story - 1 in 26 people suffer from Epilepsy. To bridge the gap for women and girls with epilepsy, we're raising $26,000 to symbolize those 1 in 26
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/about-us/ About Us | My Epilepsy Story - My Epilepsy Story is an organization that serves as a forum to bridge the gap for women and young adolescent girls diagnosed with epilepsy, as well as the
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/founders-story/ Founder's Story | My Epilepsy Story - Special thanks to Upsher-Smith for making this video possible. My childhood was healthy, until I had my first tonic-clonic seizure at the age
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/board-members/ Board Members | My Epilepsy Story - Dr. Meador is a Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at the Stanford University, and Director of the SHC Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. Dr. Meador
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/advisory-board/ Advisory Board | My Epilepsy Story - Torbjörn Tomson is Professor of Neurology and Epileptology at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden and head of the
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/education-and-information/ Education and Information | My Epilepsy Story - Education, IEP's, 504 Education, and More Understanding 504 Education Plans ___ What's next? Rob McFadden, M.Ed. explains what a 504
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/epilepsy-facts/ Epilepsy Facts | My Epilepsy Story - Epilepsy Fact #1 1 in 26 people ___ Will develop epilepsy during their lifetime Epilepsy Fact #2 Epilepsy is the fourth most
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/resources/ Resources | My Epilepsy Story - American Epilepsy Society www.aesnet.org American Academy of Neurology www.aan.com Angelman Syndrome Foundation www.angelman.org Autism Speaks www
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  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/the-app/ The App | My Epilepsy Story - We need an app that will help patients, their doctors, and research ___ The My Epilepsy App will do that Automated reporting of diet, sleep, and seizures
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/brandys-personal-posts/the-future-belongs-to-you/ The Future Belongs to You | My Epilepsy Story - “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt   As we begin the graduation season, I am reflecting
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/brandys-personal-posts/it-always-seems-impossible/ “It always seems impossible…..” | My Epilepsy Story - "It always seems impossible until it's done." ~Nelson Mandela As I begin to think about Mother's Day, I am reminded of all the wonderful women that have been
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/brandys-personal-posts/mosaic/ Mosaic | My Epilepsy Story - A mosaic is something that resembles a picture or decoration that is made up of diverse elements. These broken pieces are what makes a mosaic beautiful. In
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/real-life-epilepsy-stories/ashleys-story-2/ Ashley’s Story | My Epilepsy Story - My epilepsy story began when I was 3 years old. I came down with a severe case of Roseola and had a really high fever. One morning my mom came into my room and
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/brandys-personal-posts/i-have-lost/ I Have Lost…….. | My Epilepsy Story - These past few days have been just overwhelmingly hard for our family. We have had to process the death of a beautiful little girl named Harper Howard and the
  • http://www.myepilepsystory.org/brandys-personal-posts/memories-in-the-making/ Memories in the Making | My Epilepsy Story - As I sit here thinking of 2015 and all that has happened this year, I am tearful. This year has been filled with many great memories. I am blessed to have

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