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  • KLMN - A fast and good read.

    I had no idea a Amazon had series books. I figured the price was right, so why not read this one. I'm glad I did. th e book is well written and a fa st fun read. I found myself drawn into the tale and very quickly came to care about the stories of Rina, Alem and Tosh. The only drawback is waiting for the next installment!

  • Ryan - Download was quick and easy. I just hate how much personal information Microsoft ...

    Download was quick and easy. I just hate how much personal information Microsoft requires you provide before downloading and how you must agree to automatic updates or you can't use the software... it will just shut down if you say no.

  • bookalot23 - SOFTWARE BUG--AGI

    BE CAREFUL. The AGI that the program imports from your last years tax return in order to electronically sign it, is INCORRECT. Manually check and verify this number and change if necessary. I checked on the internet, and many people have had a problem with this , it causes your return to be rejected, of course. I am very surprised at H&R Block for having this software bug. Hopefully, a software update will correct it. Until then, BUYER BEWARE! I am very glad to have noticed the figure was incorrect before sending the return.

  • Missy2007 - Goodbye First Response

    Horrible design! I was an avid First Response customer. I have been a member of TTC forums for years. Always always always, when a member would post a faint positive with any other brand, we would say "confirm with FRER on FMU". FRER was trusted, quality product. We preferred FRER over digitals, hands down! Before switching to the new design I started noticing FRER producing nasty indent lines. Indent lines so dark they rivaled faint positives. Then they switched the design. Hopeful, I ordered a box; big mistake. The first test was so awful urine seemed to soak the test strip under the window, despite the fact that I do a careful dip (this ain't my first rodeo...). The next one formed a urine puddle on the test strip that looked like a faint positive. The third turned yellow very rapidly, even though my urine was not darker than any other time (I'm a pretty hydrated person). Today I made the mistake of picking up FRER in the store again. I KNEW I should have gone with clear blue, KNEW it. But for some reason I thought I could trust FRER still. Nope. Urine puddle, right under the test screen. This test is worthless. I'll be switching to clear blue for good. I suggest FRER use its last $8 from me to fund the circa 2012 tests to be back on the market...

  • Maria Swaby - I cannot tell yet what the effect on my hair is but they are definitely horrible for my skin

    These vitamins made my nails grow fast and made them stronger. I cannot tell yet what the effect on my hair is but they are definitely horrible for my skin. They made me break out in big pussy pimples and made my skin very oily. I had to stop taking them which is a pity because I do not like taking pills and l liked this gummy bear version and the raspberry flavor.

  • Wendale Tubbs - Did not work

    I did not like this product at all, spots were left on my car and some areas turned gray in a matter of minutes. I wasted my money.