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  • Maurice McInally - Earth is a "Flat Plane" - believe it.

    Earth is a "Flat Plane". Anyone who takes the time to read the bible and pray will be able to say with me, that this is true, The Book is a real confirmation of the truth in the Holy Bible. All we have to do is open our eyes and take time to question NASA and the big bang and we'll see they are hiding the Truth, thanks to Mr Brett Salisbury.

  • retrat - This dance game is very cool! It has really neat dances and videos that ...

    This dance game is very cool! It has really neat dances and videos that go along with the dance game. This game needs more than two people on some of the dances. It has the main dancer and back up dancers. The dancers have to interact with each other during the songs. Not like the typical dance game where everyone does the same dance. It is really cool!

  • Willis - Don't believe any negative press, this is a fantastic guitar

    I think it's important to start by saving what rig I am playing through. I'm using a Marshal DSL15H through a 1x12 cab, and what better combination is there than a Marshal Valve amp and a Les Paul. I've love Les Paul's for years, and have owned a Epiphone Special 2 for the past 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised by how much better the Gibson sounds that my old guitar, which I largely put down to the pickups. The weight is good, not too heavy, and the overall appearance of the guitar is excellent, although it is a darker shade of blue that I expected from the pictures. Setup is really good, no adjustments needed. I found the wider neck wasn't any form of hindrance to playing comfort, controls are very precise and have a reassuring feeling of quality. The case of excellent quality. The G-Force tuner I found worked well, but it wasn't as fast to tune as I'd imagined. It tuned perfectly, and I don't understand why people are so against them, because there's nothing that annoys me more than strumming the guitar after tuning it by ear and realising I'd made a hash of it.

  • A. Trovinger - It works great and was easily installed

    I only wish I hadn't waited so long to get this. It works great and was easily installed. It suits the Xterra better than the OEM antenna which was always whipping around on rough terrain.

  • Jojobean - Doesn't work.

    Doesn't help pain. Also they don't stay on. I knew they were small patches but I thought I could put two together for my back. They fell off after a couple hours. I was swinging the golf club, maybe that's the reason. But like I said they don't work even when they do,stay on.

  • Critic's Corner - Apocalypse Maybe! Emmerich Does It Again!

    Emmerich films have been a bit uneven for me. He created a whole universe with Stargate, but then twisted history a bit with Mel Gibson in The Patriot. He created a great film in Independence Day and wiped out the World Trade Center before anyone thought about it, yet made a hammy, cheesy flick called Day After Tomorrow. His 10,000 BC had potential, but there were too many plot holes.

  • D. Larkin - happy

    Got the book at a very great price- was in a coding/billing class that was a prep to take the state test and this book broke down things and made it easier to understand- I would def recommend this to someone going to take the CPC exam for medical billing/coding...yes I did pass the test my 1st try!