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  • Richard Chen - As said

    Does what it says though installation has 2 caveats. The adhering instructions' greatest labor is in cleaning the wall beforehand, but the problem comes when you have to adhere both sides to both surfaces then separate them which is hard as the grip on this product's closed state is quite high, even harder when you consider that's before the adhesive settles. I realize 3M has little good alternative for installation procedure on such a low cost item, but still an inconvenience but I'll still use them to hang up frames. Mine have been up a year without any give, sag, or wear.

  • Ray-Cine - Looks Awesome On TV... Then there's reality.

    My mom bought this scam item. Didn't work and made a mess but sure does look awesome on TV. You'd have a better chance of Mint Chocolate Ice Cream growing you grass than this stuff.

  • Courtney - This really works guys you have to be consistent with ...

    This really works guys you have to be consistent with this by following the eating plan and exceeding you are guarenteed to see faults I have been waiting to stop breast feeding my daughter to get back on this and I can not wait to re start this after Christmas

  • Noreen T. Halligan - great office grab-bag gift

    Bought this for a Christmas gag gift. Haven't used it but it seems well-made and actually looks like Hilllary!

  • Casey - The size of this brush is great for foundation application

    I was really excited to try this oval makeup brush. The size of this brush is great for foundation application, it makes applying it so quick and easy and leaves a smooth airbrush like finish. The bristles are dense, soft and I have not had any issued with and fallout. The handle is plastic but it doesn't make the product feel cheep. I would recommend this to someone looking for a oval brush at a reasonable price. I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.