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Nephrologists Washington D.C. | Metro Renal Associates | Treatment for Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Kidney Transplants - Metro Renal Associates, in Washington D.C., office of Dr. Cosette Jamieson and Dr. Kevin Griffiths. We provide diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease and high blood pressure, dialysis and kidney transplants.

  • http://www.metrorenalassoc.com/office/about-the-doctors.aspx About the Doctors | Metro Renal Associates | Washington D.C. - About Dr. Cosette Jamieson and Dr. Kevin Griffiths, board-certified physicians in Washington D.C. Dr. Jamieson and Griffiths offer expert, compassionate and comprehensive care for kidney disease.
  • http://www.metrorenalassoc.com/office/map-and-directions.aspx Map and Directions | Metro Renal Associates | Washington D.C. - Interactive map and directions to Metro Renal Associates. Metro Renal Associates is conveniently located in Washington D.C. near Washington Hospital Center.

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