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  • Sherri - works well. quite fast.

    I received this in good order with no signs of flaws or damage. I ordered this for an upgrade project on my main system to use as a cache drive. As that machine is still being built I tested it on the one it will be replacing. The installation is straight up for anyone that has installed a drive. For most PC's you will of course need some sort of mount or adaptor to properly install the 2.5" drive. In my case it is mounted in an expansion slot frame. Drive recognized with no problems and functioned as expected. The performance difference between this drive and a "classic" HDD is quite noticeable and not at all unexpected with this drive being much faster. There are several ways to use drives of this type and speed, but the purpose I discussed previously is the one I have chosen. A cache drive to boost standard HDD performance.

  • Michael1951 - Total crap

    It says multi device but don't you believe it. Unless, of course/ you have five PCs and no mobile devices. It can't recognize any of my tablets or phones and their all running on the latest android. Trying to work with their online people is like trying to pull teeth through a straw. Now when I go to my management they have mobile turned off, or at least there's a red sign on it and I can't use it. This is how I'm treated after being a loyal Norton customer for over 20 years.