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Understanding Meniere's disease and why this is happening to you - We lived with Meniere's disease every day we understand the daily frustration and emotions. The answers we have found may help you to get some relief

  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/contact_us.htm Contact Us - Meniere's Disease Questions, or General Comments - We will be happy to answer any Meniere's Disease questions or concerns you may have about this terrible disease or any of its’ symptoms
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/health_newsletter.htm Menieres Disease Health Information Newsletter Sign Up Page - Our Meniere’s Disease newsletter is written from a families perspective based on years of personal and medical experience with Meniere’s symptoms and questions
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/what_worked.htm How David finally got relief from his Meniere’s disease symptoms - Two doctors worked with David and he started to get relief from his Meniere’s disease symptoms in about three weeks and today he is virtually symptom free
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/menieres_system_information.htm How David and Others Got Relief from their Meniere's Disease Symptoms - David worked with a doctor who had Meniere's disease, but had been attack free for some time. This is the system they both used to get relief from his symptoms
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/menieres-disease-faq.htm Frequently Asked Questions about Meniere’s Disease - The answers to the most commonly asked Meniere’s disease questions that we have received over the years of helping people get relief from their symptoms
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/davids_story.htm David's Struggle with Meniere's Disease and how he Won - We lived with Meniere ’s disease for years, David experienced some of the worst attacks we have read about. He is proof that there is relief from this torment
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/testimonials/debbie.htm Since 1997 I have lived with Meniere’s disease and the horrible disabling symptoms - I was told I would have to learn to live with Meniere’s disease, there was nothing that could be done. My life was a living nightmare and I was very depressed
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/testimonials/michaels-story.htm The doctor took one look and announced that I must have Meniere's Disease - I have learnt that only one thing is for sure with Meniere's disease, and it is that nothing is for sure. It is unpredictable, everyone has different triggers
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/testimonials/terrys_story.htm How Terry survived Meniere’s disease and qualified for disability - Since I have Had Meniere's Disease, I understand the depression and feelings of helplessness and not having any income. Never give up, there is hope.
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/testimonials/denises-story.htm Denise’s Story about How She Overcame Her Meniere's Disease Symptoms - I had no idea of what was happening. My Meniere’s disease symptoms worsened until I had no choice but to leave my career, but then I found something that worked.
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/success_stories/index.htm Testimonials about how effective this system is in treating Meniere's Disease - Success stories we have received from people who tried the same system David used to get relief from his Meniere’s Disease symptoms
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/menieres-interview.htm An interview About Meniere's Disease Symptoms Relief and Recovery - A discussion about how people have gotten relief from their Meniere's disease symptoms and how Michael Spencer and Karin Henderson have been helping others
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/why_we_are_different.htm Reasons why we are different from the other Meniere's Disease sites - Our family has to cope with Meniere's disease every day, we see it from both sides of this terrible condition and we understand what you have to live with.
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/what_is_menieres_disease.htm What is Meniere’s disease, why do I have it and how do I live with it - What is Meniere's disease is the most difficult question to answer. It is unpredictable, attacks may happen at any time and are completely without warning
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/menieres-disease-in-detail.htm A Detailed Explanation of Meniere's Disease, or Endolymphatic Hydrops - If you have been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, or Endolymphatic Hydrops, you probably have a lot of questions about what is happening to you and why.
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/menieres_signs_symptoms.htm The signs and symptoms of Meniere's Disease simply explained - Meniere’s disease symptoms are a collection of many different conditions, each one can be very unpredictable and unpleasant. Some are even life changing.
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/treatment.htm Meniere’s Disease treatment options to get relief from your symptoms - Meniere’s disease treatment information on the many different ways to manage your symptoms and regain control of your life from this terrible condition.
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/diagnosis.htm Meniere's disease diagnosis and testing outline - There are several different tests for a Meniere’s disease diagnosis and the results can be confusing so we have outlined each test and the results for you.
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/menieres-cause-effect.htm Some Causes of Meniere's Disease and the Effects of the Symptoms - The causes of Meniere's disease can be very difficult to pin down. By analyzing your symptoms you may be able to find out what triggered the attack.
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/vertigo.htm Meniere's Disease Signs and Symptoms - Vertigo or Vertigo Disease - Vertigo can be the most debilitating Meniere's disease symptom, it often leads to the person living as a recluse because they can never plan on a good day
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/dizziness.htm Meniere's Disease Signs and Symptoms - Dizziness - Compared to other Meniere’s disease symptoms, dizziness is unpleasant, but not a major problem unless you are working in a job that requires fine motor skills
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/nausea.htm Menieres Disease Signs and Symptoms - Nausea - Nausea is one of the more unpleasant side effects of Meniere’s Disease. It can be caused by the dizziness from an imbalance in the ears balance nerve
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/tinnitus.htm Tinnitus is one of the more unpleasant Meniere's Disease Symptoms - If you have Meniere’s disease, you are also experiencing the never ending torment of tinnitus. This will help you understand why this is happening.
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/hearing_loss.htm Meniere's Disease Signs and Symptoms - Hearing Loss - Hearing loss has many causes. With Meniere's disease, tinnitus is one of the major symptoms and this can lead to feelings of loneliness and exclusion
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/ear-pain.htm Meniere's Disease Symptoms of Ear Pain and Inner Ear Pressure - Ear pain, especially in the left ear, and inner ear pressure are Meniere's disease symptoms and sometimes it is almost impossible to escape the torment
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/benign-paroxysmal-positional-vertigo.htm Meniere's Disease Symptoms and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo - The differences between Meniere's disease and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo symptoms can lead to a misdiagnosis and even more stress and confusion.
  • http://www.menieres-disease.ca/coping-as-a-family.htm Coping With Meniere's Disease as a Family - Meniere's disease is as invisible as it is unpredictable. Family and friends may mean well, but they will never understand what you are going through.

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