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  • Lyndon - Changing Fortunes

    Interesting read--every time I had to leave it (for chores or whatever) I was eager to return to the story! Great historical background; gutsy protagonist.

  • weatheringthestorm - Feel the tingle.

    This hot cream is honestly the best that I have ever used. I am so in love! It's made with natural ingredients which is very important to me because of what I use it for. I use it after I work out for my sore muscles. It reminds me a lot of ICYHOT. Beware that I shaved my legs and then used it on the back of my legs/thighs and I felt an intense hotness (not burning but definitely more intense since my pores were open). It was a blast of cool and then a warm tingly feeling lasting for about an hour. As I'm writing this I pulled a muscle in my calves while doing sprints so I rubbed some of this on my calves and i already feel SO MUCH better. I can not advocate this hot cream enough. It's amazing. It’s a really good smelling brand that is all natural and that made me fall in love. I am sick of seeing so many nasty chemicals in other brands that I wont try another!! This is my go to now. I love that I can use this to relieve my sore muscles and prevent cellulite. I haven’t seen huge results YET so I’m excited and I definitely will keep using it. This cellulite cream has a gel consistency that absorbs easily into the skin. At first it has a very strong distinct scent which eventually disappears after a while. Doesn't smell bad AT ALL. It’s a strong herbal scent. I'm beyond happy with this product and will be using this for a long time. I'm so thrilled to finally find an all natural body toning product that actually works. I also can't wait to see the long term results.

  • Bobby Martin - A very nice recap of the Cardinals championship

    A very nice recap of the Cardinals championship. But if you're not a Cardinal fan or Baseball purist there's not much for you.

  • Jane - recieved these in winter not sure if the cold affected ...

    recieved these in winter not sure if the cold affected but they certainly seemed old..... Turned face white even with the slightest of application. I have used this product before but not from this seller and never had a problem.

  • Bookish - Well worth the price for me...

    I see a lot of people on here who are giving a low rating to Amberen because of who they advertise with or because they did not get complete relief from ALL symptoms. I did a three month course of Amberen a year ago and was quite skeptical because most supplements don't work for me (very frustrating). Sure enough, I had no relief after the first ten day and called the nurse hotline for advice. The gave me the additional supply for a double dose at very low cost, which I did not expect. After a few days on the double dose my miserable hot flashes started to ease. The eventually went away all together. I didn't lose any weight or have increased libido (I'm single, so that's ok), but would have paid much more just to get rid of those hot flashes--especially as it was a very hot July in New Mexico!! Now I worried that the hot flashes would return as soon as my supply of Amberen ran out, but now almost a year later they are just now starting to return. I could not afford to order the Amberen in January as I ought to have done, but am sure ordering again now! Even if you pay full price for a double supply, this is much less expensive and much less hassle than dosing bio-identical hormones. Now probably because of my health problems I will need to go to the bio-identical hormones eventually, but at least I won't be miserable with hot flashes in the meantime.