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  • Sarah Davis - The Best

    I read this book so much. I love it and every book I have by this author. There is so much information in the book. I just can't say enough about it.

  • Natasha Chernavska - Wonderful!

    For the price that cosmetic companies establish for their argan oil and considering that all argan oils are marked as pure 100% argan, this one is the best quality at the lowest price. Sometimes, argan oil has a slight smell of manure. May be because it's not cleaned well enough, I don't know. But this product is scentless, and is of very high quality. I replace my night cream with it once in a while and wake up with a brighter, soft and fresh-looking skin with some imperfections muted. It helps cure bumps, dark spots, and dry skin. I highly recommend this product! Amazed.

  • bologna - Exfoliate - You'll be happy you tried this!!!

    Tried to order my tried and true Murad to find it was discontinued. Boy am I happy. I ordered this and love it. Twice as large as the old cleanser and just as good plus its the same price. A winner. Gentle but great exfoliater. If Christie Brinkley can exfoliate so can we.

  • GarionOrb - Simple and Wonderful

    I've said it about a million times on various reviews I've written. The mark of a real artist, regardless of genre, is the ability for them to try new things, and succeed at them. We knew back in 2008/2009 that there was greatness instilled in Lady Gaga, and throughout the last eight years she has shown to be a phenomenal performer, chameleon, and artist in general with a penchant for showmanship. We've seen her tackle pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, and country and in each case she has seemed perfectly at home. As though it just came naturally to her. So is the same for Joanne, her latest album and reincarnation.

  • Amazon Customer - hit the gym feeling great and after the gym

    Being a full time employee and also a full time student getting my master's degree, this Masterbrain is heaven sent! My days usually begin at 8am and don't end until 2am, fueled by at least one cup of coffee, two energy drinks and pre-workout for the gym. After working 8+ hours a day and hitting the gym, I have a really hard time finding the energy left to get homework and studying done, especially at a graduate level (which is far more intense than my Bachelor's degree). Masterbrain has completely changed the game for me! I've got laser focus at work, hit the gym feeling great and after the gym, I'm actually READY to knock out my school work and study! I don't take the Masterbrain PM because I have no issue will falling asleep or sleeping well, but the AM has totally transformed my days! I'm a fairly small woman so I only take two pills instead of three. I never need coffee or energy drinks anymore and I noticed it's effects the first day of taking them. They don't leave you feeling sketchy or like a total zombie (like my ADD medicine used to...which is why I stopped taking them). I've got my husband taking them now and I've already recommended them to all of my friends and coworkers! Will absolutely be buying this again!

  • ashleigh a. - Perfect!!

    Perfect!!! I wanted a yeti but didn't want to spend the money to get one. When I found this one for half the price I was so excited. It really does work just as well, keeps ice for 24 hours and I LOVE that it comes with a straw

  • Mike - Decent game with popular new songs. There are issues ...

    Decent game with popular new songs. There are issues with the kinect, still determining if it is the game or the console.