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  • Bootigs - Aurora returns

    I hadn't realized how much I've missed reading about Aurora. I appreciate that Ms Harris changed her mind and gave a follow up to Roe and Robin. The mystery was fast paced and well written. The ending may have been a little rushed but that could have been the excitement of the final chapters. I don't want to reveal spoilers. I enjoyed the book.

  • Bethany Keele - 10/10 do not recommend

    At first glance, you think "yea this is a great phone". Then about a week in you realize "this is a crappy phone." What's the use of a phone? To make and receive calls, which you cannot do with this phone. I have an unlimited service for my carrier. But that doesn't matter when my phone freezes. Or when I'm in a call, it starts to make this high screeching noise. When I try to hang up it keeps the call going and leaves you with this cute screen that says "hanging up". When you try to make a call, it doesn't work. On the rare chance that you are able to make a call, you can be five minutes into a conversation with full bars and the phone will just go "nah friend" and then freeze. So you contact BLU for help. Their only suggestion is to hard reset your phone. And when you insist that doesn't work, they don't contact you back. Or if they do contact you back, they insist to try it again.

  • KenR - Book has errors

    Our class rated this book terrible. In programming, the author states that everything should be checked to make sure it works. I'm sorry that he or the publisher did not check this book for errors. So, you should at least know that there is an errata page at . If you find errors, you should at least turn them in at this page. I know that many books contain errors, but the ones in this book made the whole course very frustrating. There are also files to download from the books site that were necessary for the tutorials and programming challenges at the end of the chapters. There were sometimes errors in these files. These can be found at . There are also videos here on some of the tutorials and programming challenges that are helpful in understanding the book.

  • Evie Veno - Great everyday facial lotion

    It's a thicker lotion that has a smell of spf, due to it having spf in it. It works well under makeup or alone. Keep it away from getting in your eyes, it will burn.

  • Tommy - burst string

    When I inspected my guitar closely I noticed one of the string (E) was burst. I am not going through returning the guitar but would like to know what is de best replacement string I should use?

  • Anouchka Fairon - BEST FACIAL CREAM

    Amazing product and the real deal. I love this cream and I can see the difference. I am over 50 and my skin looks 40. I got the product within a few days of ordering and the seller answered my questions promptly. I am very pleased with the product and the seller and will be ordering from them again.

  • Former Purchaser - Action packed movie with wonderful actors. I have this on Blu-Ray and the ...

    Action packed movie with wonderful actors. I have this on Blu-Ray and the picture and sounds are outstanding. There's a thrill a minute with this movie and it mixes tragedy with light comedy. I would highly recommend this movie to people of all ages.