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Workplace Conflict Management Services | Marli Rusen - Marli Rusen of MFR Resolutions offers expert legal advice and workplace conflict management services to assist managers effectively detect, diagnose and resolve workplace conflict.

  • http://www.marlirusen.com/workshops-speaking-engagements Workplace Conflict Workshops | Marli Rusen -   Workplace Conflict Workshops & The MIRROR Method Workplace conflict often is triggered by decisions concerning an employee or group of employees that are made, communicated or implemented in a hasty and/or disrespectful manner. A significant proportion of workplace conflict may be avoided if managers, supervisors and shop stewards are given practical training on how to make, communicate and implement respectful and evidence-based decisions. Management Matters offers half-day and in-house conflict management workshops.
  • http://www.marlirusen.com/workplace-conflict-management-services Workplace Conflict Management Services, Victoria BC | Marli Rusen - Successful management of workplace conflict comes from obtaining expert advice early and seeking ongoing input on how to properly detect, diagnose and resolve workplace conflict.Victoria-based Marli Rusen will work directly with a management team as soon as workplace conflict or dysfunction is identified to map out a "plan" to ensure such conflict is accurately detected, diagnosed and treated.
  • http://www.marlirusen.com/videos Welcome to Marli's Video Library | Marli Rusen - See for yourself how engaging, educational and entertaining (yes – entertaining!) Marli’s workshops are. Watch archived videos of teachable “teasers” from Marli’s MIRROR Method Workshop on “Respectful Workplaces” presented to all staff at Camosun College. Thanks to the team at Camosun who invested many hours editing and working on this material. It now forms part of the College’s on-line course on respectful workplace practices.
  • http://www.marlirusen.com/about Conflict Resolution Management Victoria BC | Marli Rusen - Marli Rusen brings years of extensive experience as a labour, employment and human rights lawyer to her current work as a third-party educator and problem-solver.  Marli has effectively transformed her legal knowledge and understanding of workplace dynamics into proactive, practical and timely "tools" to assist parties with the informal and formal resolution of their complex workplace challenges and issues.
  • http://www.marlirusen.com/careers Careers | Marli Rusen - Part Time Salesperson (Contract) - Posted August 8, 2016 MFR Resolutions is seeking a part-time “salesperson”, in a contractor capacity, to assist as follows: • Develop a comprehensive sales strategy, based on an acquired knowledge of markets, including locally, nationally and in the United States. • Source out leads, promotional activities, industry training events, key note speeches and trade shows that may be available to market products and services. • Make cold calls to potential new clients.
  • http://www.marlirusen.com/contact Contact | Marli Rusen - Need assistance? Have questions? We are here to help. Contact us today. MFR Resolutions Attention: Marli Rusen #301-1321 Blanshard Street Victoria, BC  V8W 0B61-877-590-8153
  • http://www.marlirusen.com/marlis-book The MIRROR Method Book: How to build productive teams by ending workplace dysfunction | Marli Rusen - Workplace Dysfunction Is Costing You a Fortune! The opinionated and overbearing colleague or leader who shuts others down The coworker who freezes others out with her heavy sighs, weighted silence and icy stares The micro-managing, hypervigilant manager who allows no room for feedback, input, creativity or autonomy
  • http://www.marlirusen.com/contact/questions Help! I need some good advice | Marli Rusen - Do you have a “burning question” about workplace conflict or harassment? Need some immediate guidance on "next steps"? Want to pick an expert's brain? Marli offers by-the-hour consultation/advice. To book a call, contact us here
  • http://www.marlirusen.com/workplace-dysfunction-checklist Is there Dysfunction in your Workplace? | Marli Rusen - The first step in addressing workplace dysfunction (caused by poor behaviour, performance or otherwise) is to be sure you detect it as soon as possible. It is far easier to address concerns that are “picked up” and addressed early. More significantly, organizations have been held accountable for being “willfully blind” to workplace issues and not intervening in a timely manner.
  • http://www.marlirusen.com/blog/BookLaunch AND IT’S TAKE OFF FOR THE MIRROR METHOD! AMAZON’S LAUNCH DATE IS HERE. | Marli Rusen - I am excited to announce that my book, the MIRROR Method: how to build productive teams by ending workplace dysfunction, is now available on Amazon (and iBook, Kobo, Kindle and many others). As many of you know, this book is a culmination of the many lessons in leadership, law and life that I have learned over the years.

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    used it for several hundred miles of PCT hiking summer 2014, mostly northern California, one of the little side loops broke after 3 days, the ones that to hold it on my pack - bummer... hey we improvised ... what I would like to have (included) would be a short (4-5 inch) IPhone cable, so I can recharge my device inside the zipper pouch, WITHOUT a giant regular cable. The flashlight feature is good, charging is great - from the solar to batteries, and also from batteries to device - I got, more or less, 2 IPhone changes from one day/several good hours of solar, which means a couple of us can share... way to make a friend!!

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    This "Computer" has performed MUCH better than I expected. It comes preinstalled with Windows and have installed many programs and works flawlessly.

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    Love the variety of exercises in the daily workout schedule is nice also keeps track of what you do and how well. Separate instructions for each exercise if you have trouble.

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    This is a great piece of equipment for the price. As an avid power lifter for the past 25 years I've always enjoyed this form factor in the gym. And even though it's not listed here as a feature I use it to perform standing military presses. The only negative about this piece of equipment is that the non-skid tape for the calf raise feature doesn't adhere properly. I still love the machine.