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Capital District NY Veterinarians | Malta Animal Hospital - Saratoga County animal hospital offers complete veterinary care for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets & pocket pets: Malta Animal Hospital serves Malta, Ballston Spa & Saratoga County, New York.

  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/ Capital District NY Veterinary Services | Malta Animal Hospital - Malta Animal Hospital offers veterinary services & pet care for dogs, cats & pocket pets in the Capital District.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/behavioral.html Capital District NY Pet Behavioral Medicine | Malta Animal Hospital - Pet behavior & obedience training with behavioral drug therapy for dogs & cats is available at Malta Animal Hospital.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/cancer.html Capital District NY Pet Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment | Malta Animal Hospital - Diagnosis & treatment of cancer for dogs, cats & small animal pets is available at Malta Animal Hospital.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/dental.html Capital District NY Pet Dental Care | Malta Animal Hospital - Veterinary dentistry, dental exams & teeth cleaning for dogs, cats & small pets are available at Malta Animal Hospital.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/dermatology.html Capital District NY Pet Dermatology & Allergy Testing | Malta Animal Hospital - Pet dermatology services include skin care & allergy testing for dogs, cats & small pets.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/end-of-life.html Capital District NY Pet End-of-Life Care | Malta Animal Hospital - End of life services with pain relief, euthanasia, cremation & pet loss support are available from the veterinary staff at Malta Animal Hospital.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/internal.html Capital District NY Veterinary Internal Medicine | Malta Animal Hospital - Veterinary internal medicine aids in the prevention, diagnosis & treatment of pet diseases.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/diagnostics.html Capital District NY Veterinary Diagnostics | Malta Animal Hospital - Our veterinary diagnostic laboratory, digital X-ray, dental & ultrasound imaging speed diagnosis for pets.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/pet-pain.html Capital District NY Pet Pain Management & Rehabilitation | Malta Animal Hospital - Pet pain management & rehabilitation helps pets with arthritis & chronic disease.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/pharmacy.html Capital District NY Pet Pharmacy & Nutrition | Malta Animal Hospital - We offer the convenience of our on-site or online pharmacy for pet nutrition & medication needs.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/pocket-pets.html Capital District NY Pocket Pets | Malta Animal Hospital - Pocket pets are cute & fun! Malta Animal Hospital offers complete care for your rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters & other small pets.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/veterinary-services/surgery.html Capital District NY Pet Surgery & Anesthesia | Malta Animal Hospital - We offer safe veterinary laser surgery, includes orthopedic, soft tissue, spay & neuter, and more.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/boarding/ Capital District NY Pet Boarding & Grooming | Malta Animal Hospital - We offer pet boarding & grooming with indoor dog kennel & separate cat boarding areas.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/pet-wellness/ Capital District NY Pet Wellness & Vaccinations | Malta Animal Hospital - We offer complete wellness care for your pet, including exams, vaccinations, nutrition & microchips.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/pet-wellness/flea-tick-parasite.html Capital District NY Flea, Tick & Parasite Prevention | Malta Animal Hospital - We offer testing & treatment for pet parasites, including flea, tick, & heartworm.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/pet-resources/ Capital District NY Pet Resources | Malta Animal Hospital - Malta Animal Hospital provides pet care resources for owners of dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets & pocket pets.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/coupons/ Capital District NY Veterinarian: Our Story | Malta Animal Hospital - Malta Animal Hospital has offered quality veterinary care for small pets since 2005 with NYSVMS accreditation.
  • http://www.maltavet.com/new-clients/ Capital District NY New Clients | Malta Animal Hospital - Check out our new client forms, payment & pet insurance information, including CareCredit.

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