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Lyrica Medication - information on Lyrica/Pregabalin drug: side effects, overdosage, withdrawal, where to buy Lyrica - Here you can find out more about Lyrica, known also as Pregabalin. Lyrica is an anti-convulsant, used for the treatment of fibromyalgia and other nervous affections.

  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/whentotake.html When you should take Lyrica - Do not start a new treatment without consulting a doctor. This is just an informational site and its purpose is not to replace the advice of a specialist.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/sideeffects.html Lyrica Medication - side effect of Lyrica - This page informs you about the possible side effects of Lyrica/Pregabalin. We have not listed all side effect of this medication, but only the most important.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/overdose.html Lyrica overdose - symptoms and treatment - If you happen to take too much Lyrica, seek emergency medical attention. Lyrica is meant to be taken in precise amounts indicated by your specialist.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/precautions-warnings.html Lyrica medication - precautions and warnings - We present the main precautions that you should take before starting a treatment with Lyrica medication. Also read about the main Lyrica warnings.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/weightgain.html Lyrica medication - weight gain adverse effect - Sometimes, Lyrica medication causes people to gain weight. Read under what conditions patients increase their weight by treating themselves with Lyrica.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/lyricaaddiction.html Becomming addictive when using Lyrica - medication addiction - In some cases, treating with Lyrica medication becomes addictive. On this page we describe some reasons of Lyrica addiction and we present some ways to prevent this situation.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/lyricaandalcohol.html Alcohol and Lyrica - an extensive analysis - Lyrica medication is not meant to be taken together with alcohol. Read how alcohol interacts and affects an organism that also uses Lyrica for treating certain diseases.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/druginteractions.html Lyrica medication - drug interactions - information and advice - Lyrica interacts with several type of other medication, food and beverage. Find out what are the main drug interactions of Lyrica medication.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/abuse.html Lyrica drug abuse - Some patients tend to abuse in treating themselves with Lyrica medication. Read what are the main causes of Lyrica drug abuse and how one can prevent these.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/lyrica-and-pregnancy.html Lyrica and pregnancy - possible issues - While being pregnant, women must be extracareful with Lyrica treatment. We present some known facts on this pregnancy matter.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/lyricadose.html Lyrica dose - how to take Lyrica - Lyrica should be taken by a clear treatment schedule set up between you and your doctor. Still, if you decide to take Lyrica by your own, here are some tips.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/mechanismofaction.html Lyrica mechanism of action - how it works - Find out what it the mechanism of action of Lyrica drug, how its chemical components work on your body and how can people use Lyrica medication for their problems.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/withdrawalsymptoms.html Lyrica medication - withdrawal symptoms - When patients need to interrupt or completely stop treatment with Lyrica medication, withdrawal symptoms apear.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/aboutus.html Lyrica Medication - about us - Here you can find out more about the autor of this site. Here you can find also a sum of what the site contains.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/contactus.html Lyrica Medication - contact details - Here you have the necessary information if you want to contact us. Please do not spam.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/medical.html Lyrica Medication - medical disclaimer - You should consult your doctor concerning the information on this web site. LyricaMedication.com is constructed for informational purposes only.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/legal.html Lyrica Medication - legal rights - This site respects the Romanian internet publishing law concerning medical information.
  • http://www.lyricamedication.info/privacy.html Lyrica Medication - privacy policy - LyricaMedication.com respects your privacy an will not share your personal information with a third party.

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