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  • JanPan - The BEST!!!

    I have tried almost every protein powder there is. All have tasted chalky and altered the flavors of all my shakes. After seeing a co-worker's amazing results from drinking ViSalus shakes, I decided to try it. My shakes are amazing! There is no chalky taste, no altered flavor. The powder is extremely delicious!!

  • Donnie Gladfelter - My choice AutoCAD Civil 3D curriculum.

    As an employee of an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, I've used many curriculums over the years to provide AutoCAD Civil 3D training. The depth of Civil 3D presents many curriculum development challenges; finding a way to introduce topics in a way readers will not just learn to use individual tools/commands, but also learn how they tie into the workflows necessary to use Civil 3D effectively.

  • Ryan Henry - Wardruna's Magnum Opus (Even With Gaahl Conspicuously Absent)

    The third and final album of the Runaljod trilogy is possibly the strongest and most captivating release Wardruna has crafted. Fittingly, it picks up where Yggdrasil left off, and is very similar to that outing in tone, structure, and songwriting. But, to be honest, Einar Selvik has really upped the ante with Ragnarok -- it is an album where every song is an unpredictable surprise. Wardruna has delivered a balance of eerie minimalism, rhythmic tribal pulsations, and epic bombast in nearly every song. The transitions are natural, the production crisp and yet somehow naturally atavistic, and the melodies are instantly memorable in every way imaginable.

  • Nancy - This is a great story filled with humor and romance and a valuable ...

    The clock was ticking. Julia had to create a blog and generate a larger following than the other top candidate to obtain her dream job at a software company. The subject of her blog was her rude, killjoy of a neighbor whom she'd nicknamed Ebenezer. Her goal was to see what would happen if she killed him with kindness. The results ended up being life changing for both of them.

  • N. M. Nash - Great guide!

    Great for the money. Wish I didn't lose my copy. Helped on the sections I actually studied. Would have gotten a higher score had I prepared more for physiology questions. Has practice tests and reviews of information. Highly recommend.

  • Brian Barrett - Give this new Mature GaGa a try

    Pleasantly surprised with the maturity of this album. If you are expecting it to be like her previous work, expect something better. It does have some throw-back classic GaGa sounds, but this is a mature album with tight songs that really get to you.