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  • The Just-About-Average Ms. M - So, What Can I Do for an Encore?

    Psychological suspense is often difficult to carry off well. Sometimes an author dwells far too much on the inner twists and turns in a character’s head, leaving little of this character for us to identify and perhaps and empathize with. Sometimes an author will artificially inflate the tension just to keep us turning the pages all the way to the finale. And sometimes an author will succumb to the unfortunate tendency to overwrite nearly every scene, every paragraph, even—why use one adjective, a single simile, when three or four are better? If I’d seen any of these issues early on in this novel, I would have clicked “Delete” and moved on with my lovely Saturday

  • Amazon Customer - So far so good, would give it 5

    So far so good, would give it 5, but don't know how long it is going to last. Much better than paying 35 dollars elsewhere. I am going to order to more for backups.

  • ShopperinCO - Good Case, Very Sturdy

    This case does add quite a bit of bulk and weight to the thin and light iPhone 7 Plus, however I feel that it provides substantial protection for the phone and the phone fits securely in the case. No fear of it falling out. Also it can fit three credit cards comfortably and the magnet is powerful and latches securely, so the cards will not fall out. Even if the magnet accidentally pops open, the cards fit in a plastic holder within the case that is also quite secure. I also bought the magnetic car mount suggested by Amazon when you order this case (different vendor), and the phone sits securely on that and doesn't slide or fall down, even on bumpy roads. The stand works nicely as well; the phone doesn't droop or fall.