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Life Force Homeopathy Clinic, Mumbai, India for Online Homeopathic Treatment - Life force homeopathy is one of the Asia's largest homeopathic clinics located in Mumbai, lead by Dr Rajesh Shah. We have team of experienced doctors for ailments like Vitiligo, lichen planus, psoriasis, hepatitis c, hair fall and more.

  • http://www.lifeforce.in/drshah.aspx About Dr Rajesh Shah & Dr Rupal Shah - Dr Rajesh Shah, MD practices homeopathy since last 30 years, he is an internationally acclaimed physician, researcher and teacher. Dr Rupal Shah is homeopathy doctor and wife of Dr Rajesh Shah.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/homeopathy.aspx Homeopathy: What it is? What You’ll Miss if You Avoid Homeopathy - What is homeopathy, how important homeopathy is for people not considering homeopathy and lot more.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/source-of-homeopathy-medicines.aspx Homeopathic Medicines: Sources & How Homeopathic Remedies are Made? - Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources, chemicals, minerals, microbes, bacteria & animal sources. Find more on how these medicines are made?
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/consult.aspx Homeopathic Consultation: Online & In-Person Consult Dr Shah - Homeopathic Consulting online & In-Person: Here are few steps to consult Dr Shah online, follow the steps as mentioned. You can also consult Dr Shah in person, fix an appointment through call or walk into one of our branches in Mumbai.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/facts-myths.aspx Myths & Facts About Homeopathy Sorted by Dr Shah - Lot of myths are speculated about Homeopathy treatment, Dr Shah has sorted out myths from facts.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/good-homeopath.aspx Good Homeopath in Mumbai: How to Find A Best Homeopathic Doctor - Find guidelines on how to locate and identify a good and qualified homeopathic doctor in Mumbai for curing your ailments.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/faq-diseases.aspx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Diseases & Homeopathic Treatment - Find frequently asked question (FAQs) & answers about various diseases and homeopathic treatment.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/casephotos.aspx Case Photos of Patients Treated at Life Force Homeopathy - Array of case photos of patients treated for various ailments like vitiligo, lichen planus, psoriasis, urticaria, alopecia areata, migraine, gerd etc.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/testimonials.aspx Testimonials from Patients Treated at Life Force Homeopathy - Here is a long list of testimonials from our satisfied patients treated at Life Force by Dr Shah.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/guestbook.aspx Guest Book: Read Reviews & Comments by our Patients - Browse through our guest book at Life Force, read reviews and comments shared by our patients.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/casestudies.aspx Case Studies of Patients Treated at Life Force Homeopathy - Here we have long list of case studies of patients treated effectively at Life Force Homeopathy.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/video-testimonials-1.aspx Video Testimonials from Patients Treated by Dr Shah - Find testimonials from patients treated successfully by Dr Shah at Life Force Homeopathy Clinic.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/contact.aspx Contact Life Force Homeopathy Clinic, Mumbai: Chembur, Santacruz, Borivali & Vashi - For any queries contact Life Force Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, we have head office located in Chembur and our branches are located in Borivali, Santacruz & Vashi.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/alopecia-areata.aspx Alopecia Areata Homeopathic Treatment at Life Force - Alopecia Areata finds promising treatment with homeopathy. Ask about your Alopecia Areata to Dr Shah for homeopathic medical advice.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/anxiety-neurosis.aspx Anxiety Neurosis: Causes, Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment - Learn what is anxiety neurosis, how is it caused, what are different types and symptoms of anxiety neurosis. Find diagnosis methods, treatment, case studies, testimonials & case photos for anxiety neurosis.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/asthma.aspx Adult Asthma: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Homeopathy Treatment by Dr Shah - Understand what are the causes, symptoms, diagnosis methods are and how homeopathy is useful for adult asthma treatment. Explore more on case studies, testimonials, frequently asked questions about asthma in adults.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/atopic-dermatitis.aspx Atopic Dermatitis Homeopathic Treatment: Case Studies & Testimonials for Eczema - Treatment for atopic dermatitis (eczema) with homeopathy is more promising as it aims at roots of atopic dermatitis. Find testimonials, case photos, case studies of patients treated for eczema.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/chalazion.aspx Chalazion: Homeopathic Treatment, Causes & Symptoms - What is chalazion, its causes, symptoms and treatment options available for chalazion, find testimonials, homeopathic remedies, case photos and patient case studies.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/fissure-in-ano.aspx Fissure in Ano Homeopathic Treatment, Case Studies, Patient Testimonials, Mumbai - Homeopathy successfully can treat fissure in ano without any side-effects. Find more treatment options, case studies, testimonials and case photos of patients treated for anal fissures.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/frequent-colds.aspx Frequent Colds: Homeopathic Treatment, Case Studies, Testimonials & Case Photos - Homeopathic medicines can effectively treat frequent colds in adults and children. Browse through frequent colds patient testimonials, case studies and photos.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/gerd.aspx GERD: Treatment, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Complications of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease - Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) treatment, gastritis, acid reflux, acidity etc. find excellent results using homeopathy. Find causes, symptoms and homeopathic treatment for gerd.
  • http://www.lifeforce.in/hair-loss.aspx Hair Loss: Homeopathy Treatment Online, Causes, Symptoms, Diet & Tips - Find everything about hair loss, what are the causes, baldness patterns, diet for hair less, oline homeopathy treatment, case studies and frequently asked questions about hair loss.

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  • Andrew - Week 1

    Noticed a difference in the way my receding hairline blends. No regrowth yet but my hair looks good. Better than when I started to lose.

  • Samuel - It worked pretty well. I was using it for on clothes

    It worked pretty well. I was using it on clothes. Liquid stuff like Orange Juice, Wine, and others rolled right off (although if you threw water hard enough at the shirt it would penetrate the coating and make the shirt wet), otherwise it was very dry. It had trouble with Ketchup, Mustard, and the more sticky stuff as it kind of kept sticking although most of it rolled off. A downside though is that it makes your shirt very rough so it doesn't feel too nice and your nipples might get chaffed if they rub up against it for a long time. I feel like if you were to apply this to your clothes it would be most beneficial if it were on shoes that you don't want to get dirty/wet. The spray on does last for a couple days. After 3-4 days of use the clothes that we sprayed started absorbing liquids again (my friend was not pleased to have his shirt with wine stains on it). A good product at a decent price.

  • JK Alaska - High Quality Antenna

    High quality, heavy duty and we didn't realize it was made here in the US until we received it. I'm very pleased with that aspect! The antenna is much more durable (and lower) than the stock antenna that I tore off with the garage door (oops). Thank you so much!

  • Daniel besancon - Great bike

    I'm seeing bad reviews because of tire size issues, once you assemble the bike correctly the brakes will adjust and give the tire room to roll freely that's how it is designed.