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Lékárna Bella - V naší internetové lékárně nabízíme volně prodejné přípravky z kategorie vitamínů, potravinových doplňků, kosmetiky a přípravky pro péči o vaše zuby. Součástí sortimentu je také kojenecká výživa a různé produkty pro matky s dětmi, přírodní léčiva

Country:, Europe, CZ

City: 16.6333 Mesto Brno, Czechia

  • L. Cherry - Major disappointment: the bad reviews were right

    I was really excited about maybe having found a less expensive alternative to the Vitamix for making really healthy smoothies with lots of fruit and vegies. Unfortunately, I think that product has yet to be made. This particular product, although good looking and nicely packaged, does not perform as advertised and has a severe engineering defect to boot. My major complaints:

  • M. Hawkins - Works as advertised

    I have had no issues with this product whatsoever. I followed the instructions to the letter, and I don't feel jittery or anything. I always make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and remember that this product is not meant to allow one to just eat as much as they want, but to help burn extra calories. I have lost 20 pounds so far just using this and cutting back my portions at the dinner table. I am sure that not everyone will have the same results, or may feel a little jittery, so take it as you will. It seems that if you follow the instructions, and start out with low doses, things work pretty well.

  • Amazon Customer - I love this product

    I love this product. Very very helpful. The book is very detailed and it have great tips on how to prepare for the exam.

  • Ferdi - Good travel book.

    Very informative and provides important information. It includes history, hotels, transportations, foods, health, security, and other important information. I would love to see more photos, however.

  • Bullitt315 - Love this thing

    I absolutely love this thing. I recently misplaced it and was about to order another one because it's that much nicer than my very nice backpack but the messenger bag works so much better on my bike and motorcycle. It's very easy to get things in and out of while waiting at a stop light as well. A little pricey but mine has held up very well and now I'm tempted to order a larger size just to have 2.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for price

    The oils seem to be of quality. I only like 4 of the scents. But for the price, I can find something to do with the other 2. One smells like a potent pine sol. I like pine sol so I guess I can clean with that one. I use lavender, lemongrass, and orange in my diffuser. Love those!