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Home - Health Education KSS Pharmacy (formerly South East Medicines Management Education & Development SEMMED) is an NHS funded service providing pharmacy workforce education and development across the South East including Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that NHS staff who provide modern medicines management and pharmacy services are able to access superior quality education and development.

  • http://www.ksspharmacy.nhs.uk/training-1/ Training - We aim to deliver a comprehensive annual training programme to meet the needs of NHS staff involved in the management of medicines in the counties of Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The overarching aim of this programme is to support the development of best practice in the management of medicines.
  • http://www.ksspharmacy.nhs.uk/_folder8/ Undergraduates - To practise as a pharmacist in the UK requires satisfactory completion of a 4 year MPharm degree followed by a 1 year pre-registration training placement in a community pharmacy or hospital. If you are interested in a training placement within hospitals in the South East please watch our video which gives an insight in to what you can expect.
  • http://www.ksspharmacy.nhs.uk/pre-reg-trainees/ Pre Reg Trainees - If you want to become a practising pharmacist or pharmacy technicians you are required to undertake a period of pre-registration training

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  • C Stew - want to lose hair?? This product is just the thing for you!!

    I have the type of hair loss that Rogaine is supposed to help (vortex balding) and guess what? It didn't work, and much to my dismay and horror, I have now lost substantially more hair at a substantially faster pace than I was losing before using Rogaine. I used it for about 8 months and quit after noticing that I was losing more hair then ever before. Rogaine claims that you will lose hair initially and then it will regrow, but that was an absolute farce in my case. The kicker is that when I quit using it at the suggestion of a Rogaine representative (who sounded alarmed when I described my results), my hair thinning became much worse in the aftermath. I am sick to my stomach over this fiasco and I am uglier because of it. Thanks Bill Rancic! Thanks Rogaine!!

  • Myrna - reasonable price.

    this doll looks really pretty and my daughter loves it so much. good thing that it comes with a reasonable price.

  • Robert L. Fastner - Works great and is unobtrusive.

    This is supposed to be the best consumer software and it installs and runs unobtrusively unlike Norton and McAfee. I work in IT and this is a good buy with 3 licenses. It doesn't seem to slow anything down or block installed software. I recommend it.

  • The1andOnly - Oh look, another remaster

    Battlefield 1 came out on the PC or something a long time ago because I remember playing battlefield 2 way, WAY back in the da.

  • Ariel Menchaca - Magic oil.

    I have intense back/pain on a regular basis. I apply two drops of this stuff along with a carrier oil and my pain is completely gone within 5 minutes. I was a MAJOR skeptic and it still seems too good to be true. Every now and then my pain is a little too stupid for it to be %100 effective but if you have back problems.. This is a good pal to have around. It's awesome stuff.

  • D. Krepak - Happy with QuickBooks since 2002

    I have been using QuickBooks since 2002. I had last upgraded in 2009. I was happy when I was able to receive the latest version through the Vine program. Updating from the 2009 version was easy. QuickBooks does it easily, all you have to do is start the install. It will uninstall the older version then install the new version. After installing you use your back-up file for the company(ies) you want to open. QuickBooks will have you save a back-up of the older version company file (which you can re-open if for some reason you go back to that version of QuickBooks). It will then convert the company file to use in the new version. Everything else in QuickBooks works the same as the 2009 version I had. The layout is different with updated graphics. I didn't need to access the manual or help to use this new version.

  • Hawaiian Eye - It's True Quicken Rental Property Manager is a Shameful Piece of Software

    I just got off the phone with a Quicken Customer Care Representative who confirmed the problems I have had with Quicken 2010 Rental Property Manager. Funny thing is I usually heed the advice of other reviewers but wanted to find out for myself and sad to say I had the same results. I have been a very happy user of Quicken Property Manager v.2 for many years, i.e. a very simple to use, i.e. user friendly, application and made my job as a land lord very easy. Then I purchased a new lap top for the business and found that v.2 could not work with Windows 7.0 and since I had also upgraded to the newer version of QuickBooks Pro, I would need the latest version of Property Manager to do all my business on my lap top. Not so. I was not able to restore the previous backup up file from v.2 with the new 2010 Rental Property Manager. The only piece of transaction that was transferred was the name of my tenant the address of a rental unit. I contacted Quicken Customer Care via e-mail and the feedback did not resolve the problem and I was able to personally talk to a customer rep today who confirmed that this is a problem and that I would have to manually input all the data. Manually !!! Shame on you Quicken for placing this software out there. I agree with another reviewer as to how much more complex Quicken developers have made this application. Users want transparency in the application and what Quicken had with v.2 was a very solid, intuitive, and friendly application software for us property owners who do not want or need to be accountants.