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  • Whitney Falba - Godsend of a carrier!

    This is a fantastic little pet carrier. My in-laws are currently dealing with a plethora of extra stray cats that they've been working on not only trap-and-fixing, but getting homes, as there are some kittens young enough to go to homes. The large trap and release cages are difficult to handle with the transportation of kittens - not only are they scared (obviously) but sometimes they're too small to actually stay in said cages - and can hurt themselves.

  • Rott boy - Goodbye Retail store beer!!!!

    With the majority of online reviews being positive, decided to give MR. BEER a try. With the first keg arriving Dec., 2010, here's a review with results from using both the Premium & Premium Gold Kits to brew the 3-Beer Mix Variety Pack American Series, the 3-Beer Mix Variety Pack and a West Coast Pale Ale.

  • Debbie - Not really happy with this product

    Not really happy with this product. Hair is still falling out really bad. Nails do seem to grow faster but not stronger. Was not expecting any change in my nails because that is not really what the product is for even tho others stated that it did help theirs, BUT was hoping for results with my hair.

  • Debbie - Allergic to this product!

    I had an allergic reaction to this product after about a week of use. I thought the irritation was from the drying out of my skin and a sunburn that I had at the same time, so I waited a week and tried it again, and now my face is burning, itching, red and swollen. I am using an antihistamine and steroids to try to get rid of the reaction and return my face to normal. It did seem to work for the acne, but try in a small, sensitive area for at least a week, first!