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  • reading more - Two young girls from Ireland, just off the boat ...

    Two young girls from Ireland, just off the boat, find themselves in a new land without any friends. The first day off the boat someone steels all their money. This is a story of survival and how they prospered in the land.

  • anna - has many uses to prevent water damage

    easy to use on electric cat litter machine, i spayed the inside of the litter maid with this and it does not let the litter stick to the motor and rake, was a life saver

  • Aytch - Look like a unicorn!

    Like many people said in their reviews, I was eating healthy and exercising but wanted an edge or a boost for more weight loss. I had heard about CLA and saw an ad for this in a health magazine, so I gave this a try because I'm nothing if not swayed by Madison Avenue's wiles!

  • Boy Mom 28 - The worst part is we had the showers this weekend and ...

    I ordered this as a gift along with a different brand water flosser to compare. This one can't compare to the more popular brand. It is noisy and shakes on the counter. There is also very little differentiation between the pressure settings. It is either very high or very low. The biggest problem was that this machine has no way to stop the flow of water other than to turn it off. You need to be able to temporarily stop the water squirting out so you can spit. When you use this you have to have one hand holding the wand while the other turns the machine off so you can spit, The other brand I purchased has a button on the wand you can hold down to temporarily suspend the water flow. I would skip this one. The worst part is we had the showers this weekend and I opened them all to compare and decided this one was definitely getting returned. I am 6 days outside of my return window so I am just out the money I spent. Don;t make the same mistake I did. Get a better machine.