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  • E. Younts - We enjoy hunting for new quarters as a family and seeing ...

    My son is so excited about collecting these quarters - he has already filled one of the state maps and now this new series is out. We enjoy hunting for new quarters as a family and seeing if we have it. My 3rd grader is learning where the states are and now what national parks or monuments are in the states. Win win!

  • J. Gypton - I'm really impressed with the kit and the beer it makes

    My wife got me this for my birthday last month, and I was really excited about trying it out...which, like a kid with a new toy, I did almost immediately. The instructions are easy to follow and the components are easy to assemble and use -- I had my first batch (of 'Cowboy Lager') sitting in the keg after about 45 minutes of reading and work in the kitchen.

  • M. Rose - So useful!

    I have been loving this Shea butter!! I have not had any experiences with Shea Butter before so, as I always tend to do, I turned to the good old internet. I knew Shea butter was good in whipped body butters, but I hadn't realized just how wonderful this product truly was until now! The Buena Shea comes in a 8 oz (240ml) jar. The texture is a tad grainy and it smells a little earthy, but upon research this is what you want when looking for a raw , unrefined, premium Shea butter. On the bottom of the tub is the expiration date. I have already been using this daily and it honestly doesn't even look like I have used any since such a small amount is need for application. I wash my hands A LOT and around this time I start getting cracks in my thumbs near my nails and it is so painful. I have been using a little shea butter to moisturize my hands and they are so soft since using it. I can already tell this is going to be my best friend during winter:) I also have been applying this to my heels at night and I can tell a difference there as well. There are so many other uses that the Shea Butter works well for and I look forward to doing more products with the Shea butter. I would recommend it.

  • Mike - I'll admit that the sample shakes were good with milk but nasty with water

    I just finished with a sales event that my roommate gave to us. I'll admit that the sample shakes were good with milk but nasty with water. All my roommate kept talking about was money, money, money and not more losing weight which should be the primary purpose. Honestly, you can get all the nutrition you need in a multivitamin equal to that of a ViSalus shake at a tenth of the price. Also, I'm not trying to buy ViSalus every month for the rest of my life....I know that right when I stop using the product, I will gain the weight right back again. Another thing is that there's a ton of Chronium in the shakes which is not totally healthy. Kind of a huge red flag!