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  • a fellow seer - I started with 2012 edition and have purchased the 2013. Only problem with Kaspersky is dealing with them direct

    I have tried submitting my questions to them at the Kaspersky website, and they take several days to reply, sometimes longer. A couple of months before my 2012 edition was to end, I had gotten a pop up from Kaspersky saying to "upgrade" to 2013 "for free". Their words, not mine. I clicked yes, and all I saw was that the Kaspersky logo changed from 2012 to 2013. I was thinking, wow, this is great, a free upgrade for those customers who took the leap and bought their product, what a nice thing for them to do to keep goodwill going and keep customers coming back! Instead, it turns out it was not the truth - a week or so before the old 2012 was to expire, I kept getting pop up notices that it was about to expire. I'm like WHAT? So I wrote, and thought maybe this was a glitch or just something that is sent out regardless. Turns out that both my replies came days if not weeks after I inquired, and the only answer I got was about the license. The company nor its customer service, never addressed the whole "free upgrade" and what that was about. Just simply it was to "update" the database that the program checks your computer for viruses. I advised that calling it an upgrade is misleading and implied that we were getting a new edition based on our customer loyalty. So much for that, I'm sure the Kaspersky gang was laughing at that one. Such a silly concept. In any case, I had read so many people had problems ordering direct through them that I again went through Amazon to order the 2013 edition and just register the product key at their website under my account. I think Kaspersky doesn't care, and let's the product speak for itself. That aside,since using the 2012 product, I have had very little virus issue with my computer and cleaning the computer of viruses has been a very easy step by step process for someone like me who is not advanced computer literate. It also helps to be cautious about what sites you visit online, and that you clear your computer daily and backup at least once a week.

  • Robert N. - Too early to tell if effective and may have caused cooling issues.

    I am probably responding to quickly to know if Bar's Leaks was effective. I used the product per the instructions when I noticed oil and water were mixing in my engine. I had no other symptoms at that time. No white smoke, idling like a sewing machine, not overheating, no loss of power, etc. I used the product after reading the instructions and viewing the procedure on the youtube video promoted by your company. My 1st trip after adding the Bar's Leaks my truck overheated within 12 miles. I removed my thermostat and put in in boiling water to check its operation and it had failed closed. I flushed my radiator and installed a replacement thermostat. Now my vehicle runs at the correct temperature on short trips but fluctuates about 15% on the longer drives I've taken. The temperature also increases when idling at a stop after it has already heated up to its normal operating temperature. When I start to move again the temp drops to approximately the normal reading. It also appears that the water/antifreeze mixture in my expansion tank is becoming discolored after only about 60 miles of drive time. I'm not sure if the Bar's Leak sealed my head gasket but it appears as though it may have partially plugged my radiator. Time will tell. I used your product on a 2003 Dodge 1500 quad cab 4x4, 4.7 with approximately 152,000 miles on the original motor.

  • Amazon Junkie - Decent, but could be a little better!

    This is a very functional cover. I like that it protects the bed, provides a noticeable difference in gas mileage, but what I do not really care for is the quality. For $300 you would think that the thingy (sorry the name escapes me) that attaches to the truck would be more sturdier. I know it isn't a locking system, but I feel that is should at least be flushed with the surface, otherwise, it is a decent cover. I am keeping it. So it is good enough!

  • mina - chunky

    big bottle ,i use salsa and picante in lots of recipes and this makes it easy,dont have to keep wondering if theres enough BID bottle great stuff

  • Todd W. Carnes - Good value in $ per tablet

    Good value in $ per tablet. Nice big sturdy bucket that can be used for other things later (like the big orange bucket from you know who). Dissolves slower than other brands. You won't be disappointed.