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InnerEarLab InnenOhrLabor Department of Otolaryngology - The InnerEarLab explores the mechanisms of sound encoding in the inner ear during normal and impaired hearing. This process is mediated by specialized synapses, the hair cell ribbon synapses. Molecular dissection and detailed physiological characterization of these synapses have only recently become possible due to the event of novel methods. Work in the InnerEarLab and in local collaborations combines those various techniques.

  • http://www.innerearlab.uni-goettingen.de/groups.html InnerEarLab InnenOhrLabor Department of Otolaryngology - Group - The four research groups of InnerEarLab: Moser Group, Neef, Bernstein Group, Reisinger, Strenzke and Wichmann Junior Research Group.

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    City: 9.9333 Lower Saxony, Germany

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