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Más de 100 vídeos sobre Derechos Humanos y Temas que afectan la vida de las Mujeres - Infogénero: Productora de Información de Género, Feminzando la Comunicación. Infogénero: Producer of Gender Information, Feminizing Communication.

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  • Cherry - I really like this floater

    I really like this floater. It is huge. My daughter and I both fit on it and were resting on it in the pool. We had an air compressor that filled it up easily. I have a rocked side on one side of the pool that has a bit rough edges. I did bump the floater into the wall couple times and it held up well against the rough bricks. No holes. It seems to be very durable and it did not deflate at all. It has been now a week since I got it and it is still full of air.

  • Dsinger - Allergic Reaction

    I did feel joint pain improvement within the first two weeks with OmegaXL. With that said, I also have a red rash on my legs from the knee down and arms near my wrists. It is a creepy crawly rash which increases as each day goes by. I would say I am allergic to the product, although I am not allergic to fish. Too bad. I will be canceling my plan and hopefully receive my refund. Sounds like that might be a challenge.

  • Angela M. Jones - Good product but did not work for me

    I like the concept of this case but I had difficulty getting it in and out of the case quickly- although it is nice and snug if you don't plan to use it as a regular tablet. I will use it when I have to type up a document. Overall a good product but did not work well for me for everyday use. I do recommend purchasing if you will use a keyboard frequently

  • WenX - So happy I got this!

    NONPAREIL Extendable Aluminum Trekking & Hiking Pole has exceeded my expectations. There are many features that I love about this stick. The stick has a handle strap that is adjustable - no matter how big or how small your hand is, the handle is made of a soft rubber for maximum comforter, it has two expandable extensions for anyone's height level and lastly it has a nice rubber bottom so it is adheres to just anything. It supported my weight and was also very comfortable. It is easy to adjust by twisting the fittings on the pole so you can measure it to fit your personal height and not have to struggle with reaching up or bending over to use this pole. It has a nice softer plastic handle which is contoured to fit your hands nice and comfortable. It has a place to fit your hand along with a extra section to put a finger or two whichever makes it more comfortable for yourself.