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Welcome to INDEX Books - INDEX Books biedt een groeiende nationale en internationale klantenkring alle denkbare hulp bij de selectie en aanschaf van vakliteratuur uit alle windstreken.Onze klanten zijn o.a. multinationals en vooraanstaande onderzoeksinstituten, centrale en lagere overheden, universiteitsbibliotheken en publiekrechtelijke organisaties, musea, ziekenhuizen en kloosterbibliotheken.Wij bieden complete one-stop shopping. Onze missie is daarin uit te blinken door strikt te zijn in de kwaliteitsbewaking rond elke stap in het bestelproces, snel in de reactie op vrijwel elke vraag, en flexibel als het gaat om bijzondere wensen van klanten.

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  • LANA R BEBEE - luv it

    to all of you 1 star people. this 68 year old grandpa figured it out in no time. If you have an android phone with lollipop 5.1 then the app that the phone instructions recommends will not work. It will tell you that when you try to download it. figure it out . If you have a smart phone and are any kind of a geek you'll have it working perfectly in no time

  • Amazonian - Tan Physics is great!

    Don't understand the bad reviews. I did not purchase this from Amazon, but directly from the lab. ( Which may be the key) I find this to be the best self tanner I personally have ever used. Tans very well, and looks very natural. Did not streak, had no allergic reaction, and smelled very faintly. My hairdresser has told me before not to purchase so called "salon" brands of hair products, at outside retailers, as their origins are very questionable. In other words, you are probably buying a counterfeit product! My point is, you cannot give a fair review on a product you don't purchase directly from the manufacturer. It is also cheaper, and has free S&H. They also claim to stand behind their product, but I can't vouch for them, since I never had to return anything. Hope this helps anyone who is curious. My advice: Go to their website to order. Just sayin.....

  • Edrie P - GE Drip Pans for Electric Stove

    I really like these new GE drip pans. Especially I like the fact that they are not chrome. They really shine and will be easier to clean. My stove top looks new again.