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  • GreggV - Living Cookbook Has Poor Customer Support.

    I first purchased LC in 2011. I developed a cookbook and published the cookbook using this software. The two problems for publication were the nutrition information attached to the recipes and the difficulty to put the work into a PDFs file. With a lot of effort and a good publisher, I was able to overcome both shortcomings. I purchased a license for the 2013 version and then for the 2015 version with the intention of publishing another cookbook. There were significant problems trying to update my software to the newer version. I tried using LC customer support more than seven times and we could not get the software to upgrade. By this time I could not even recover my files in LC and lost approximately 75 recipes. I went on and on with customer service to no outcome. All they would have had to have done is offer to reload the basic software and upgrade me to the 2015 version. Previously, I had paid for everything including the 2015 license. But they ignored me when they could not fix the problem. I sent a note asking for a refund of my license fee and received no response. I would not recommend this software because of poor customer support and because they do not value their customers.

  • maliaa - Great product with real results

    I have been using pureleef for 4 months now - I have started seeing results towards the 3rd month. I apply it twice a day as recommended. I also do 100 squats everyday. I have seen a change in my butt size and I couldn't be happier ... The key is consistency and don't give up if it doesn't work right away as anything that's natural always takes a little time to work .. Good luck !