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  • blingsupreme - Mafia romance and intrigue

    I loved this bad boy Mafia story with great characters, romance and intrigue. Dante was really a great guy with a bad start in life. They made a great couple and the ending was great. This is one of my favorite, and I can't wait for her next book. I voluntarily reviewed this advance reader copy.

  • Marianne Beasley - It worked for me.

    I bought the machine three years ago and was highly impressed on how much better my lower back felt after one week. I have degenerative disc disease , spinal stenosis and spondylithesis (sp?) In other words, my lower back is a mess. But unfortunately for me, my right shoulder went totally out. And I mean GONE. For one year 2009 I was terrified to try to get on floor to use B2L because I thought I would not be able to get back up. I live alone. Then last year 2010 I finally had the right shoulder rebuilt. That was major surgery. So now it's been two years since I used my B2L, and ten months since my right shoulder was rebuilt. I finally got up the confidence to get on floor & try B2L again. I thought, "Something's different." Then I hurt pretty badly today. So much so that I had to put a back brace on. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then I remembered that the last person who used my B2L was my sister who is four inches taller than I am. That was three years ago this month. So I'm thinking that it's probably pretty important to have it set for the correct height of the person. All I can report for certain is that it most certainly was helping me three years ago. And the three X my sister used it while here on vacation, she said, "I can't believe how much better my back feels." She returned to Houston, bought one for herself and another for her grown son. I am going to be very careful these next few days , not use it, because I have a major social engagement coming up on Saturday. I will start using it again after I get past that, I will let y'all know how it goes. But clearly this machine works for some, doesn't work for others. The price is insignficant for those who are getting relief. For those who have had trouble working with company on returns, I'm sorry to hear this.

  • rogun - 5 Jackets?

    I purchased this to add some water repellency to an inexpensive, lightweight cotton windbreaker. It was my first time to use Scotchgard, so I read the can carefully and started an exercise of trial and error. The can said it was enough for 5 jackets, so I had plenty, right? Well, it also said to coat until wet for testing purposes, so I figured that may be the goal, but apparently it's not, because I ran out before finishing the hood. At almost $12 a can, it's not a cheap solution for a cheap jacket, but now I'll need to buy another can.

  • Fear The Lycan - Got these on discount for reviewing and they are pretty bad ass

    Got these on discount for reviewing and they are pretty bad ass. Been taking for a few days now and i can already feel the difference. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Beating the odds is possible - Beating the odds is possible

    Shortly after being personally diagnosed with lymphoma I found this book which details Anne Frahm's progress through her disease and successful results. What an inspiring and encouraging story; something to hold on to...hope for my own success. This book is worthwhile reading for anyone questioning the importance of nutrition in assisting the body to health.

  • Andrew Gretzinger - Nice quality, easy to understand what goes where

    Nice quality, easy to understand what goes where. I had to read the Instructions a few times before I understood how to wire the switch up, but it worked the first time I tried it!

  • Terrie - Hair one

    I have been using Wen Hair Care for three years. As the economy has gotten worse the prices have gotten higher. I found this product by accident and decided to give it a try. I was very pleased with the results - the same as Wen, however much less pricier. The fact that I can get it at a local beauty supply store also makes it easier for the times I come close to running out. Try it if you use Wen it is no doubt the same results and I think I use much less of it.