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Infectious Disease Special Edition - Infectious Disease Special Edition (IDSE), is a bi-annual publication in print that presents educational review articles on the latest medical developments and practice guidelines relevant to infectious disease specialists, , pharmacists, pathologists, hospitalists, and others involved in the treatment of infectious diseases.

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  • Susanseu - A Must Have Product!

    I've been using Miracle Skin Transformer religiously for about 2 years now. It really does do what it says -- my friends commented on my improved skin just weeks after I started using it. After they quit selling it at Sephora, I began buying at Nordstrom, until I found that Amazon sells it for a few dollars less. I typically wear it daily with only Bare Essentials Mineral Veil over it, and it makes my fair, freckled skin appear smoother and more even. No irritation whatsoever! And it has SPF 20 to boot (which normally bothers my sensitive skin big time)! On nights I go out, I'll use my MUF foundation over it and it pairs nicely. I guess my only complaint would be that it doesn't stay put very well - don't touch your face with this on (not that you should be touching your face anyway), but it's minor compared to the benefits you get. Worth every penny and I will continue to buy it. One tube lasts me about 4-6 weeks with daily use.

  • NYRangersFan - Great but read instructions before installing it.

    If you are installing this printer in Windows 7,8 or 8.1 you have to start Windows with DISABLED driver signature verification before trying to use this printer. You can google how to do it for your version of Windows. For Windows 8.1 you can follow directions at Then install the software and only connect the printer when software tells you to. The software came on a 3" disk and my HP TouchSmart would not accept it so I had to copy the files to a USB and then install from a portable the USB drive. But once installed it works as a charm. I was even able to use it with a web application to print custom receipts.

  • CR Stuart - Mezmerising to Watch and Amazingly Great Results!

    After reading the other reviews, I was cautiously optimistic. This was actually a gift for my wife who had been asking for a roomba for a while now.

  • jb0017 - Great for homes near the beach

    Living a mile from the beach, we were having a terrible time with mold in our closet. After placing on of these tubs in each closet, along with the hanging DampRid, our problem is gone....finally! The large size tubs are great because they last a really long time and you don't have to constantly check them to see how full they are. One tub lasts about 6 months in our closet.

  • CJmom - Strong Hair

    I used to use this all the time as a teen along with the conditioner. I decided to use it again because I remember how good it was for my hair. My hair is breaking off a little and this makes the hair stronger. So, here I am again using Mane 'n Tail. I think I will stick with it this time.

  • Nichole W. - Silky and smooth

    I have been through six surgeries and three months of radiation therapy leaving my body, skin and hair in total shambles. Then I found this set of hair loss prevention therapy intense moisturizing masques. The package comes in a big box, which contains 8 kits (masque + shower cap).

  • bobzgyrl - To bad... :(

    This is some beautiful polish! And it dries super fast! But it chips and peels BAD! I mean really bad! :( Back to the drawing board!