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Colonoscopy Clinic, Gastroenterologists in Des Moines, Iowa - Trusted Gastroenterologists serving Des Moines and Central Iowa. We specialize in colonoscopy, colon cancer screening, irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) &

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  • Kate T. - Warning - packaging flaw

    Sister girlfriends, I was so excited about these pens until I tried opening the package. I darn near had a breakdown struggling with that thick cardboard and plastic! I would have used scissors, but I lost my only female pair (you know, the ones that cut cute zigzags), and I couldn't figure out how to work my husband's.

  • Star Svetlana - Great Oil!

    I use this Oils when its a Flu season. It really helps with some viruses, and its great if you have a cough. I just put few drops Oregano Oil with olive oil into the gel caps, and take it. And it helps to fight colds and Flu. Also you can use it in cooking. I highly recommend it!

  • Amazon Customer - Honest opinion

    I have 1 standard poodle and 2 goldendoodles. After about 9 years with dogs that have high grooming needs. You have alot of experience with shampoo and hands down this has been the best. They have never been so soft and clean with any other shampoo we have used. And for the record I was NOT sent any of this for free for an opinion. Just the truth.

  • Kristen Moriah - Revival Roaster is my version of R&R!!!!!!!!!!

    I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to this coffee by a friend and now I'm hooked!!! Gourmet is an accurate description--butter toffee; caramel; and, Colombian supremo are my favorite out of the bunch, but they're all amazing!

  • magly2007 - Only good if you will only use Mr. Beer ingredients

    I bought the Mr. Beer kit after reading the great reviews. The one thing I did not realize is this kit will only be useful if you only want to make recipe's that use Mr. Beer ingredients. Mr. Beer was helpful for me to get a simple $50 lesson in how beer is made, but if you ever want to make recipes from your local homebrew stores that have different yeasts or hops - you will find yourself buying a new kit very soon for several reasons: