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  • D. Whoolery - Not what I expected

    Not what I expected......I sure would not buy this movie again at the $24 price tag. I kind of got lost on the date of this movie I thought it was the already released version 2012 in Nov. But that won't be til this year and it's going to be great compared to this one. Save your dollars on this 2008 one and it would be much cheaper for you to just rent it.

  • Kevin C. Becker - I purchased Bitdefender in 2013 and upgraded in 2014. ...

    I purchased Bitdefender in 2013 and upgraded in 2014. Never had any real problems with the software but stuff a buyer should know. Bitdefender doesn't come on CD anymore. 2013 did. The trick Bitdefender does is that you purchase the software via download. This requires you to pay via credit card. When the following year approaches, your credit card is automatically charged for the new update. Trying to cancel the software is difficult. Eventually you will need to call your credit card company and have your card number changed.

  • Mom from WI - Great chair

    This is a great alternative for my daughter who hates her high hair. This makes her feel 'part of the action' while I am cooking dinner or working in the kitchen. Hooks on to most tables and counters and is super simple to take down, fold up and take with for dinners out or travel. Washes well and even has a pocket in the back for small toys. Would highly recommend.

  • Amazon Customer - Best product ever!

    This product has changed my life. If you are lucky enough to have thick hair you won't understand. I started using it a week ago, and I now have it down pat. It looks so natural and is so easy to use. Today was a week since I started using it, and I had 3 people at work tell me they don't know what I'm doing differently but my hair looks great. It's so cool that they think it looks great, but can't put their finger on what I'm doing, because it looks so natural. I will never go a day without this product. In wind, when I sweat it doesn't run or change a bit, it just looks natural and great. I would encourage you to buy this product and feel as good as I do.

  • Kindle Customer - If you don't feel like drinking a lot of water one day SKIP your ...

    Mike is right, drink water! Lots of it! I drink 32 oz before I take it in the morning and another 32 oz within an hour of taking it! I've also noticed the least amount of side effects if I use the restroom prior to taking it. If you don't feel like drinking a lot of water one day SKIP your dosage! Not drinking A TON of water has resulted in nausea, an upset stomach, and feelings of lethargy for me! Stay SUPER hydrated guys! Always listen to your body, everybody is different.

  • J.T. - These Work really good

    I decided to do an experiment and take these instead of my normal routine of taking melatonin , chamomile tea , or Benadryl to fall asleep .

  • BusyMomOf2 - The guide is terrific if you travel to the “selected" areas of Germany

    The guide is terrific if you travel to the “selected" areas of Germany. However, this is NOT a complete guide for the whole country and it leaves out large parts of touristy regions such as the Allgaeu around Oberstdorf, the Bavarian Forest around Passau and the North Sea and its islands (not even Sylt is mentioned!). As a native I bought this guide to see how Americans view our country and what they deem important or curious. I had to laugh out loud when I read that Germans do not wear flip flops unless they go swimming. He’s referring to the “Badeschlappen”, yes, but don’t worry, I walk around in flip flops all the time in summer and no-one ever asked if I’m about to go swimming :-) I like how much Rick goes into detail for example when planning to see Neuschwanstein. All in all a great guide if you stick to the places he describes but arm yourself with e.g. a Fodor’s Germany in case you feel like discovering something else.