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Holy Name Medical Center - Holy Name Medical Center is a comprehensive, 361 bed acute care facility providing high-quality healthcare across a continuum that extends from prevention through treatment and on toward recovery and wellness.

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  • radiusx2 - Terrible Product and Terrible Customer Service

    The least "intuitive" business software product I have ever used. Also a major programming bug that they can't seem to fix. The worst customer service. My recommendation is never start to use QuickBooks - use anything else, it has to be better than this.


    I order this product from the action website. I have a lil pouch around the middle after having my last child. I am 145lb standing 5'2 (petite but build) so I have no access fat at all other then my pouch. The product did not work for me. My lil pouch is still here. l did not see a change at all even when I wore the belt all day under my clothes. It was just an uncomfortable feeling all day and eventually I had to take it off. Also, I had to wonder about the product being FDA approved. I am using this cream that's getting into my pours and the product does not state that they are FDA approved so I stopped using it. So that is something to think about also.

  • alexfam - can't beat the smell!!

    I bought these for a few different uses in my home - they came in just two days and were packaged well for protection but for some reason one of them leaked a little but in my experience with essential oils this happens from time to time so it was ok. There are 6 oils in the package including lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, sweet orange, and tea tree. They all smell really amazing; my personal favorite is the eucalyptus. The bottles are 10ml’s which is pretty good for the price. I use these mainly for cleaning, and for the aroma in the diffusers. I also found a great use for them which is making my own laundry crystals!! This is awesome and so much cheaper than buying crystals at the store. The box is really cute as well with their own place holders, which is awesome if you plan on keeping them in the box. I would recommend this item for anyone they are awesome and work just as promised.

  • Gianna - Love shameless!

    Love shameless !!!! Best ever ! Love how it takes place in my home town Chicago,IL !!! I hope they make more new seasons after 7 , I can vote for everyone ... it's very addicting !!!!


    I've had problems with very dry feet for years and have spent too much money trying to find something that would alleviate those painful cracks that are a result of it. An orthopedic doctor told me to try this product a few years ago, and I've been using it ever since.

  • Nykiridoll - Prime has saved multitudes of fish in my house-best water ...

    Prime has saved multitudes of fish in my house-best water conditioner made, and inexpensive as well. If you buy the larger bottles-make sure you invert/shake it, or you end up with super-concentrate towards the end of the bottle.

  • keith504 - Did they really give away 30 of these bags to get a 5 star rating ONLY from those particular "customers"..?

    What is with the multitude of reviews with disclosures for testing a free item..? So basically this 5 star rated item was paid to have 5 stars.