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Hematology-Oncology Associates - Hematology-Oncology Associates of Fredericksburg has been providing quality medical oncology and hematology services to the citizens of the greater Fredericksburg area.

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  • derryfarm04 - I will definitely be buying more when these are gone.

    My hair is very frizzy, from drying it everyday to over processing it because I use an entire bottle on my head and do all my hair every time because I can not afford salon prices and I refuse to go grey. When these were offered to me during a promotion in exchange for my honest review I was more than happy to give them a try.

  • F. Gentile - The Only Christmas Carol.

    I've watched this film so many times, I know all the lines. This is not just the best telling of Dickens tale, but a classic film for all time, all seasons. Alistair Sim is incomprable as Scrooge. All the actors are wonderful, they so perfectly convey the feeling of 19th century London. Look for Patrick McNee, who later gained fame as "John Steed" in the wonderful "Avengers", as the young Jacob Marley, and Hermione Baddely, who was an accomplished stage actress and favorite of Tennessee Williams, she also later played "Mrs. Naugatuct",the tipsy housekeeper, on t.v.'s "Maude", as Mrs. Bob Cratchet. The only reason to see any of the other versions is to reinforce just how superior this one is, though the Reginald Owen and George C. Scott versions are respectable. I found the Patrick Stewart version abominable, as expected. This is too good a film to be watched only once a year, it will transport you so realisticly to Olde London. And the storys lessons of forgiveness and remorse are just as meaningful now as then. Oh, not to ruin the illusion, but in the scene when Scrooge awakens Christmas Day, after having had his "epiphany", watch as he's looking in the mirror, as he tells his housekeeper about his ordeal. You will see, reflected in the mirror, the reflection of a modern-day (circa 1950) person, more than likely one of the crew. Don't know if this bit of trivia is common knowledge, but I find it interesting. Also, though Simm is only known by most for his role as Scrooge, check out his very funny "St. Trinians" films, where he plays headmaster at a boys school. A wonderful, different look at this great actor. This heartwarming film will be THE Christmas classic for all time.POSTSCRIPT!!!I just noticed I reviewed the "colorized" version. DANGER!! DANGER!! Do NOT watch this version, it MUST be seen in black & white!!! WHAT was I thinking??!!!!

  • ChuckP - Pay extra and go to dealership

    You get what you pay for, very cheap design. Tab broke on one during instillation and not surprising the hubcap fell off within two days. The problem is the inside tabs are plastic and you need to add a metal ring onto the plastic tab. The metal ring helps secure the hubcap to the wheel rim. I tried the ring on both positions of the tab as instructed but it was really difficult to get the hubcap onto the wheel at either position, I ended up forcing the hubcap onto the rim which broke the tab, the other three went on with difficulty also, not looking forward to next oil change when they rotate the tires. I decided not to call the company, considering what I paid.

  • Toni Paolini - Sorry but it seems more like a scam

    I bought 15 licenses and I received only 10. I tried to contact support for more than 1 month and I could not reach anybody. I get stuck with pre designed support options. You cannot reach a human being to explain your problem.

  • Holden SF - Very Happy

    This has improved the whiteness of my teeth tremendously. The initial set-up of molding the trays wasn't too tough and the bleaching process is even easier. I'm very pleased I didn't spend more elsewhere because this worked for me.