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Hendrick Health System | Hendrick Health System - The official website for Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, Texas. One of seven healthcare institutions affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, and it serves as the hub for healthcare services in the Texas Midwest.

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  • Daniela Baker - it's alright

    I found that the "universal" color really didn't work too well for me. It's a little to dark for my fair/light skin. The texture is good and it does cover pretty well but I found it just a little on the oily side and it did tend to break up on my skin after a few hours.

  • Macanudo357 - Super Product!

    I have a 40' boat and have been using this stuff for 4-5 years, and it really works. Unlike the 2-star review, there is rust, and then there is RUST -- severely pitted, oxidized and corroded surfaces that are beyond repair. This does not work miracles, but is amazing for use on stainless steel in a salt water marine environment.

  • mathon - great school bag

    My 14 year old daughter needed a strong school bag and also a tall one as some folders are quite big. This bag is perfect. It is strong and allows to put all she needs inside, plus the price is decent.

  • Marianne Winkowski - making a birthday special

    I bought this Barbie for my niece's 18 th birthday not knowing she had received a Birthday Barbie when she was born. It was very a fitting gift and she was extremely happy with the gift.

  • ACGUINN - Good multivitamin. The pills are fairly small so they ...

    Good multivitamin. The pills are fairly small so they go down pretty easy compared to some I've taken before. I also like the vitamin profile, good amounts of the essentials, plus some extras. I also like how every ingredient(barring the "Phyto Nutrient Complex") is transparent in dosage amounts. With that being said, even the phyto nutrient complex has what looks like some good ingredients for health maintenance, if they are does correctly.

  • Nancy Famolari - Holmes and Watson Search for a Stolen Secret Weapon

    It’s a busy time at 221B Baker Street. First Lucy James, Holmes daughter from a brief affair, comes to the flat with a newspaper telling of the death of a banker who was involved in a German assassination plot. Holmes foiled the plot, but now the banker has been murdered.