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  • ener629 - Love this product!

    I purchased this product to go along with my cabinet transformations kit and love both! The kit is so easy to use and almost fool-proof. I'm not a pro-DIY'er but as long as you follow the video and the step-by-step instructions your countertops will turn out looking brand new. I did this with minimal help from my husband in about 2 days. The overall look is not exactly like granite but does not look like my old laminate either; still like a natural stone. Love the final look and would recommend this product to anyone. Just FYI-this complements my cabinets perfectly (Rustoleum cabinet transformations in Espresso).

  • Ashley kennedy - Five Stars

    Best money I've ever spent!!! Passed my boards with 85 questions!! I felt so prepared!!! Please buy!!

  • Alexis Hernandez - Good VFM / Performance balance.

    This packs a fair punch for the price. It's best in a darkened room, but even with some light pollution, it works well. Judging by the ports on the back, it can be connected to just about anything. It's a doddle to use (I haven't looked at the instructions as yet, but have delivered a two hour presentation without issues).

  • Brenda Jurado - excellent product works wonders

    Great product I have PCOS and has help me a lot feel.better more energy, overall controls all my pcos. Awesome

  • Laurey Holland - this works better than the many products I have tried over the ...

    I received 2 free samples of the livrelief. I used it for my lower back pain and when I opened the packet, I could tell it was not an over powering odor. I applied it to my back and right away I felt the warmth of the product. within an hour I had no more pain in my lower back. this works better than the many products I have tried over the years. It is not greasy, works great and has a nice odor to it.. I will be going to the store and stocking up on the livrelief.. very good product.

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    It is essential that people expecting to have a baby or planning to become pregnant take a prenatal vitamin. I have been taking them for years so I have tried a lot of different kinds. I really like that these supplements are in a powder form in a capsule. The capsule makes it easier for them to go down my throat smoothly. I have taken other prenatal vitamins in the past that have a rough texture that were hard to swallow and another that were smooth but very chalky and I didn't like the after taste. The only thing I wish were different is I wish the serving size was just one capsule per day. This is the first prenatal vitamin I have taken where I had to take two capsules per serving. Although they are easy to swallow I'd rather just swallow one capsule per day. Rather than taking two at one time, I prefer to take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening. Since some supplements doesn't absorb in your body as well, I am hoping that by taking them at two different times during the day, that my body will be able to absorb the most amount of the vitamins as possible. This prenatal vitamin has all the essential vitamins that you need and the doses of each are comparable to other prenatal vitamins that I have taken. Good luck on your adventure to a healthy baby! This product was received for free in exchange for my honest review. If you found this review helpful please click Yes below.

  • Ellen Gentry - Great questions!

    I passed my NCLEX the first time and really only used this book the questions were very helpful. Great purchase