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  • John Mitchell - Fits perfect.

    Direct replacement, the previous one corroded in less than 6 months, probably not the thermostats fault.

  • M Winters - Works very well, but don't over do it

    I've been using Quick Shine for nearly 10 years. I have two dogs and three kids, and live in Chicago so, needless to say, my floors take a beating. Here's what I've learned:

  • Lundy Lane - Fun to buy once. Something to laugh about!

    Ordered this after seeing this at my son's house and was curious how and if it works, so I ordered it. It works!

  • canker30 - I HATED the 2nd book. This one is slightly better.

    The aliens in the 2nd book behaved like complete idiots, at least in this one they use a little strategy. The biggest problem with this book is the same problem the 2nd book had, the ending ruins the story. I don't mean it is a bad/sad ending, I mean it is a stupid ending that makes no sense. I can't really go into why without posting spoilers but if you hated the stupid twist at the end of the 2nd book you are going to hate the just as dumb twist at the end of this book.