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  • Ipodmaster - The game is great. The installation not.

    The box included two DVDs, one for PC, one for Mac. I installed the Mac version but turns out that it's a waiste of time and weight! It just installs the Steam interface, you just need to enter the Install key to Download the game from steam.

  • AZ Gal - The best lotion for feet but smells icky!

    This lotion works very very very well!! It soaks in quickly and leaves feet soft and not greasy at all. The only downside is the smell! It smells a little like urine...I guess because of the urea? Anyway, the smell is gross! Sad because I like having pretty feet but would prefer them to smell as good as they look!

  • DAUGHTER - Quickbooks 2013

    You HAVE to have a manual to refer to the many many many functions that QuickBooks provides. So....you order one. That's what teachers are used to....books!

  • J. C. Mesinna - Found a new toner!

    After Burts Bee's was purchased by Clorox -- i needed to find a new organic/cruelty free product. The Suki facial toner works very well! It smells wonderful without smelling perfume-y. Very gentle and refreshing on the skin. My skin feels fresh and hydrated. I spritz it on before bed and in the morning. I would recommend this product.

  • TroyS - beware of proper SQ. footage

    I bought this online. I had about 2,800 - 3,000 sq. feet to seed. I saw this online and it said a 7 pound bag would see 2800 sq. feet. So, I bought an extra 3 pound bag to make sure I had enough. Well.. the 2,800 sq. feet that's in the description is for RESEEDING grass only. NOT for new lawn seeding. If you look on the back of the bag, it says it covers 2,800 for reseeding lawns and 1,400 sq. feet for new lawns. The 3 pound was also only half the square footage is well. So I had exactly HALF of what I needed. I also bought the MAG-I-CAL.. which ALSO doesn't cover as much as posted in the description.