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Commercial & Personal Legal Services | Harper Macleod LLP - Harper Macleod LLP is a leading independent Scottish commercial & personal law firm with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lerwick, Thurso & Inverness.

  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/why-choose-us/ Why Choose Us As Your Full Service Law Firm | Harper Macleod LLP - From personal to business legal advice, we are a full service, award winning law firm whose solicitors service clients' interests in Scotland, the UK and beyond.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/people/ Legal Team | Harper Macleod LLP - With decades of experience in every discipline of law, our partners and solicitors deliver the highest quality legal advice in Scotland.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/ Legal Advice & Industry Knowledge | Harper Macleod LLP - Our legal team is one of the most experienced in the country. Our industry groups consist of lawyers with extensive legal, market and sector knowledge.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/banking-financial-services/ Banking & Financial Sector advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Our team are trusted advisers in the banking & finance sector, working closely with both banks and borrowers and providing specialist legal advice.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/energy-natural-resources/ Energy & Natural Resources Law & Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Our award-winning energy and natural resources group provide innovative legal advice on every aspect of the energy supply chain.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/entrepreneurs/ Entrepreneur & Start Up Legal Advice In Scotland | Harper Macleod LLP - We support Scotland's entrepreneurs and investors thanks to our own culture of innovation. Our dedicated team provides expert legal advice.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/food-drink/ Food & Drink industry ;egal advisers | Glasgow | Edinburgh | Inverness - Our dedicated Food & Drink team provides legal advice to businesses of all sizes throughout Scotland and beyond. Drawing from specialist lawyers from one of Scotland's largest firms, we know the sector inside out.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/healthcare-life-sciences/ Healthcare & Life Sciences Sector Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Get expert legal advice from our team in the Healthcase & Life Sciences and biotech industry across Scotland and the UK.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/insurance/ Insurance, Risk & Personal Injury Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Headed by partner Elizabeth Mitchell, our insurance team provide specialist advice to meet the needs of every client.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/major-projects/ Private & Public Sector Project Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Our team advises a wide range of stakeholders - from government and public sector bodies to multinational companies and - on major projects and project finance.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/real-estate-construction/ Land, Property & Building Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - With one of the country’s largest Real Estate & Construction teams, we advise clients across all industries and sectors on their requirements.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/retail/ Retail Sector Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - We provide expert advice to high street, independent and online retailers across Scotland and the UK.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/sport/ Sports Law Legal Advice in Scotland | Harper Macleod LLP - Recognised as Scotland's leading sport law firm for more than 20 years, we advise on every aspect of law in the sporting world, in Scotland and beyond.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/technology/ Technology Sector Industry Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Businesses in the technology sector in Scotland experience different challenges to most. Our legal team understand this, and can provide expert advice.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/the-public-sector/ Public Sector Industry Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - The public sector in Scotland and the UK faces myriad challenges. Our specialist group can advise on all matters of policy and law for public sector bodies.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/transport/ Transport Sector Industry Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - We provide legal advice to many businesses and organisations operating in the transport sector, in areas including road, haulage, rail and shipping.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/doing-business-in-the-highlands-islands/ Legal Advice For Highlands & Islands Businesses | Harper Macleod LLP - One of Scotland's leading firms of solicitors, with offices in Inverness and Thurso. We have extensive experience doing business across the Highlands & Islands.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/doing-business-internationally/ Legal Advice On EU & International Business | Harper Macleod LLP - Get help growing your business beyond the UK and expanding into new markets from our dedicated, specialist international team.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/industry-knowledge/doing-business-in-scotland/ Scottish Law Firm | Doing business in Scotland | Harper Macleod LLP - As a full service Scottish Law firm, we work with firms across England, Wales and beyond, providing them with the Scots law expertise they need.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/legal-services/ Corporate & Commercial Legal Services | Harper Macleod LLP - Full service corporate and commercial legal advice for all business, enterprises and organisations from one of Scotland's leading firms.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/legal-services/banking-finance/ Banking & Financial Legal Services | Harper Macleod LLP - We are trusted advisers to both funders and borrowers in the banking and finance sector across the UK.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/legal-services/brands-trade-marks/ Brand & Trade Marks Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - We are specialists in brand protection and management, helping you to look after your brand, maximise its potential and react effectively to threats.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/legal-services/broadcasting-media/ Broadcasting, Media & Entertainment Law | Harper Macleod LLP - From broadcasting and publishing agreements to sponsorship and endorsement, our legal team can provide expert advice and guidance.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/legal-services/business-law-contracts/ Business Law & Commercial Contracts | Harper Macleod LLP - Build the best possible relationships with your customers, suppliers or partners. We offer a free consultation on all contract enquiries.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/legal-services/charities-social-enterprise/ Charities & Social Enterprise Legal Services | Harper Macleod LLP - Get specialist legal, regulatory and commercial advice from our dedicated team. We advise charities, not for profit enterprises and more.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/legal-services/corporate/ Corporate Lawyers & Legal Advice | Scotland - Our business advisers provide expert corporate law legal advice, and work tirelessly to help your business. Based in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Inverness we service companies in all sectors across Scotland.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/legal-services/construction-engineering/ Construction Law & Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Our construction and engineering team provide legal advice to developers, contractors and consultants across Scotland and the UK.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/legal-services/community-group-projects/ Community Group Project Law & Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Community group projects can energise and grow a community. Our expert legal team can help you achieve your goals.
  • https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/legal-services/crowdfunding/ Crowdfunding Law & Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Our dedicated team can advise on the legal implications of crowdfunding for your business, and how best to access alternative funding sources.

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  • Rocky Top Gal - A Lifesaver For A Very Damp Basement!!!!!

    So happy I found this!! I purchased one bucket from Amazon and put it in a very damp room in my basement. My son visited the next day and I asked him if he could tell a difference in the smell and overall feel in the room and he said he could tell a big difference. This stuff is a lifesaver for me! In the past I've left a dehumidifier hooked up that emptied by a hose, but if the electricity went out, I was out of luck. But no longer!!! I am currently waiting on 5 more buckets to arrive and they should be here tomorrow. I'm going to place them all in different areas of my basement and when I'm away from home I won't have to rely on a dehumidifier but of course can use it when I come home. The only thing I dislike is I wish I had thought of this idea first!!!! (LOL)

  • Rich Fletcher - QB on the Mac Keeps Getting Easier

    Having migrated from another program for keeping track of my business numbers, I was impressed when I switched to QB many years ago. This latest release is so feature filled, I'm actually having fun looking at and working with the seamless integration of properties, fast reference for who has paid and who hasn't and, of course, banking reconciliation in this fresh design of the UI. Thanks!

  • Matt - Great ball, but scares my friends!

    Love this ball! Great feel to it and it's cool to be able to see the spin of the ball so clearly in the air.

  • Ryan - Regrew Hair!

    I have had issues with thinning hair since I was 21. I am now almost 30. I tried a bunch of different shampoos to keep the hair I had and kept thinking that the reason I was losing hair was stress. I finally gave in and tried this stuff out. It has indeed regrown my hair and in more places than its guaranteed to work. It has also regrown hair in the front of my scalp as well as the crown. I wouldn't tell you to expect to have hair from when you were a teen but if you want to regrow what you have and at least fill out your hairline this stuff may work for you. Keep in mind everyone's chemistry is different so it may not work for you. The foam is easier to use than the liquid and acts like a mouse so keep that in mind when you're styling your hair.

  • Jeremey - Awesome bumper

    Rounds out the front bumper extremely well. The bumper got to the house un-damaged...the packaging was beat up, but the bumper was in great shape. Installation was easy and the provided instructions were not hard to follow. The bumper itself is solid. The only thing I did not like is the receiver had two large bolts that tied it into the factory bumper; this bumper did not allow for those two bolts to be re-attached... I'm worried that the missing bolts have reduced the safe tongue weight for the receiver.

  • Da Behr - A complete waste of money..don't go there

    I thought that this product was useless because my floor became filmy and dull. The bonna wouldn't even help remove sticky spots in the kitchen. So I just went back to hot water and a microfiber mop. I decided the finish on my floor was worn out. Now I read other reviewers who are saying the Bona causes the film. Great. Now I am going to try to get the film off, and see if things improve.

  • Evie - System 1 - It's just OK but does the job

    Alright, so I've officially been using System 1 for almost one year now. I have oily hair (requires daily washing) that is thin, falling, and getting visibly thin at the crown area. First off... the tingly feeling at first goes away after a few uses. The shampoo has no pleasant or unpleasant smell, so don't expect your significant other to stick their nose in your hair and be allured in by the normal girly smells that come so easily with the over the counter products. Now for the important item...performance.... keeping in mind that I wasn't very good at using the conditioner or leave in scalp treatment, my review is only for the shampoo. I used it almost daily for the last year. I was pleasantly surprised I could see difference in my hair growth in 3-4 months. Yes... it's a long time, but think about how long it takes to grow hair! In my experience, it will not prevent breakage and will not prevent hair loss (especially due to stress... ehem (guilty)... or any medical issues. It just helps hair grow out strong and gives your scalp a little umph. Do not buy this product with unrealistic expectations, as you will be disappointed, and be patient! I'm probably going to switch to a volumizing and clarifying shampoo to supplement my routine. Also.... get a really good conditioner (I use mine on just the tips).