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  • Joseph Ganakos - A Classic Look at a Great Price

    I've worn Ray-Ban sunglasses dating back to my junior high school days when the original Miami Vice drove me to purchase several pair of Wayfarers. These aviators (black 58mm) are a perfect fit without being oversized and have the quality I've come to expect from Ray--Ban. I prefer the non-polarized for driving and the sturdy case and cleaning cloth it arrived with keep it safe and secure when I travel. These are authentic (I did purchase directly from Amazon rather than a secondary vendor) and I'm very happy with both the purchase price and the quality of product.

  • David - Polorized display cannot be viewed with sunglasses on. Screen glitches.

    I purchased this to fix an old phone to use temporarily. The screen is polarized so it is impossible to see if wearing sunglasses also the digitizer has some "dead spots" for me luckily not in the keyboard area.

  • Peter J. Roberts - Sensor works fine, but band is awkward. Battery was exhausted after only 3 months and we are unable to replace it.

    Band makes product useless. Impossible to get on for an older person. Thingie with prongs -- which passes for an el cheap clasp -- does not seat properly. This in turn makes it very difficult to insert the prongs into the band to secure it. Other than being waterproof, I cannot imagine a band that is designed more poorly.

  • billy - very accurate and easy compared to mercury thermometer

    I love this new digital thermometer technology. it is so quick and non invasive and it can be used on all ages. i no longer have to waste time with my manually classic mercury thermometer, since it tested out to be just as accurate. I used my family as a guinea pig and took a variety of temperatures with both thermometers. They both seem very accurate and pretty close. Plus the difference of a few tenths of a degree usually isn’t enough that’s going to change what you do, whether it’s give meds or not give meds, or take to the doctor versus not take to the doctor. Temporal is a great option.

  • unknown - Worked for me

    I took a urinalysis for a job that I really wanted, but the clinic that I did the lab work at lost my information in the system. So I got a last minute call from the company (on a thursday) telling me that I had 2 days to complete a hair sample. I was floored but I did some research and found this product. I used it that Saturday and went into a facility to complete a hair sample. Needless to say, I got a call from the company informing me of my start date. I can't help but accredit some if not most of this to the shampoo. But I also have to disclose the fact that I am not a heavy smoker. I had smoked one joint a month prior to testing after MONTHS of a dry spell. I was more concerned with the opiates that may have been present in the hair sample. But again I start the job I've wanted next month. I'd say this product is worth a shot at least *shrugs

  • Jerz - Just Dance2014 Ps4 DONT BUY

    When we first got just dance2014 for ps4 it worked fine for about a week lots of fun, then we lost any posts from other friends, favorites or new posts, those folders just remain empty now, so I thought mayb an update was comin, but now today the camera is not working at all, works fine in playroom, ustream etc, good luck tryn to contact someone regarding this, so even if an update comes in the future , DONT buy "just dance" because it just " don't work"