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  • Elvis42 - Rip/scram

    When you see this on TV they tell more lies than Obama and that's going some. There are other programs out there on Cnet.com that will do either the same or much better and lot of them are free. Put your money back in your pocket and spend it on something worth while. These people should be put in jail. Or make them go fix the peoples pc's that bought there junk.P.S. And of course people are going to say well they didn't twist your arm to buy it !!! Very lame.. Why not getting back to telling the truth about a product you have to sell on the market and be honest about what you are selling.

  • J.Patrick Altes - it had it bad. Used this product

    Bought a car that had mildew/mold ALL OVER the interior....I mean, it had it bad. Used this product, and immediately killed and removed all traces of mildew. Pretty surprised with how quickly and how perfectly it worked.

  • Gerald Darr - Havent noticed anything

    I've been taking these along with the other 2 supplements recommended by the manufacterer, and drinking100 ounces of water a day and I haven't noticed anything after 40 days. I'm still fat. LoL.

  • Sandra - The most important book you will read about oral health

    Before reading this book, I had heard that oil pulling is beneficial, but didn't understand why. Then I heard Bruce Fife being interviewed on the topic and decided to purchase the book. Reading the book converted me completely. I now oil pull almost daily, literally. For a few months, i pulled twice a day. This may be the most important book you ever read in impacting your oral health. And the health of the rest of your body will improve as a side benefit.