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Haemair produce an oxygenator to be used as either a prosthetic lung - Haemair Ltd owns patented technology for a Blood / Air Mass Exchanger to be used as either a prosthetic (artificial) lung, or as an external respiratory aid. The patents also include the control mechanisms for the devices.

  • http://www.haemair.com/about-us Haemair are developing a respiratory system to replace the lungs. - The Haemair R&D program will provide support for patients with both acute and chronic respiratory disease and help to decrease the associated costs of disease treatment
  • http://www.haemair.com/news Haemair Ltd provides support for people with lung disease or injury - Haemair's technology takes part of the blood circulation and passes it through an “artificial lung” to oxygenate the blood and remove carbon dioxide.

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  • M. Mayo - My new choice in antivirus programs.

    Very, very fine antivirus program that has almost no overhead. I have use Norton, Mcafee and G Data and this one guy vest me protection with low overhead and more computing. Hourly updates are quick and demand almost no CPU time. It checks it all too, Internet, email and plugged in flash drives.

  • Sandra K Marsters - ... been in use long enough to give it a better rate. Give me another 4-5 months and then ...

    It hasn't been in use long enough to give it a better rate. Give me another 4-5 months and then ask. There are a few things I could say, but erasing some wrinkles isn't one of them. I still have plenty of those to go around. It does feel good on my skin, but the day cream, which is expensive is being used a lot faster than the night cream. The company is making a fortune off us little old ladies.


    I am an auto repair shop owner for 15 years, and in the industry for over 30 years. We have used AT-205 for band-aids for customers that either can't afford to repair something right away or at all!...I have seen it work on a large P/S system leak. The leak was actually DRIPPING and as we poured the AT-205 in, within 30 seconds it slowed and within a minute it stopped and the customer drove on it like that for weeks until the could afford the repair...ATP is a VERY old company and they sell quality products...the spray sealer is an awesome product as well. Great around the house. Will this work in every case...NO...if the seal is silicone based then probably not, like some reviewers have noted...but for everything else give it a shot...a lot cheaper than thousands of dollars of repairs right away...

  • Weekend Warrior - Five Stars

    Perfect, fit, looks and price. Quick delivery, look, fit and work as well as the weathertech product.

  • LeahMaria - Good for health, not necessarily a weight loss product

    Wow does this stuff work! I did NOT lose any weight which is what I was hoping for but it definitely functioned as a colon cleanser. I think it is super healthy for people to use a cleanser every couple of months to keep your body and digestion healthy. I could see how some people could lose weight the first time that they try these pills due to the fact that they had a lot of backup in their body but this is definitely not a sustainable weight loss product. Your stomach will also hurt A LOT while you are taking the pills and plan to spend a lot of uncomfortable time in the bathroom.

  • luis angel garcia - thanks

    i like this cold air intake kit because it really makes a difrence than a stock air induction so thanks again

  • Collin - limited focus

    I love Rick Steves travel books- if I'm only going to be visiting the places that he reviews. With as many years as he has been compiling information on Italy, I would hope that his Italy books would include Sicily and Sardinia, but they do not. If you're sticking to the big tourist destinations, this book is just what you want.