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Gilbert Dentist - Dr. John Swain, DMD AZ Dentists - Looking for a Gilbert dentist can be difficult and confusing. There are lots of choices, so how do you know which one to choose?

  • http://www.gilbertsmiles.com/dr-swain-staff.htm Dr. John Swain & Staff - Dr. John Swain regularly engages in Continuing Education at a far greater rate than is required.
  • http://www.gilbertsmiles.com/childrens-dental-care.htm Children's Dental Care in Gilbert, AZ - Gilbert Children's Dental Care is important and you should take your child to see the dentist for their first check-up when they are three years old to check for proper development and functions.

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  • Ed Felty - Al Cass Valve Oil, 2.0 fluid Oz.

    I have used this product previously and find it to work very well. This is a petroleum product, fot those that might not like the smell. The only thing I have found that is faster, and the difference is very slight, is straight kerosene. Unfortunately the smell and flammable nature mkes it risky to use.

  • Dennis Matthies - DeMarini great bats

    daughter had one of these that worked great so I decided to get another one so she had a great practice bat since she uses the new CF7 for all of her games

  • Frank Bell - GIFT..


  • Amazon Customer - We got a used one, multiple problems.

    My son used all his money to buy this the day after Christmas. It says it comes with a controller. Ours came without one and the box had obviously been torn open and taped back together. While Amazon customer service helped us find an agreeable solution, and quickly, it was still a hassle to go out and buy a controller. Once we did, we found that the console had been registered to the previous owner. We had to call the man to get his password, et c, to delete his profile. We were fortunate that the man actually called us back and worked with us because otherwise we would have had to return the entire thing.

  • Amazon Customer - from an esthetician(skin care professional) please listen

    I've studied scrubs, and this one is terrible for your skin. Yes, it removes dead skin build up, but it also punctutes your skin, letting bacteria in. You can't see it with the human eye, but microscopic holes are torn into the skin! The shape of the scrubbing "beads" are sharp, jagged shapes, which literally destroy healthy skin! Please don't use this! Use something with sugar, salt, or jojoba beads as the exfolient. They are rounded and won't rip your skin open.

  • Dean Goossen Mtn Area Calvary Chapel - Intriguing Observations

    The book is apparently written from a mid tribulation point point of view, which I think in all fairness should be stated clearly up front. There are lots of interesting connections he makes, some of which are a bit tortured. But it does spur us to be a lot more observant in watching the signs of the times!

  • julia khalaf - It works!

    My doctor recommended this and it really helped with my allergies. Actually, it's been a rough year for allergies and I'm thinking I need to order some more of this. I get major sinus headaches and I can take this and not feel drowsy and yucky. You just need to take it daily, after taking double doses for a few days you then can get down to one a day, then double up again as needed. It costs me less to buy it on Amazon than any other place I've seen.