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OTC Pain Medication Safety & Dosing | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find information on how to properly take and use OTC pain medication along with other helpful information on medication safety and dosages.

  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/choosing-pain-medication How to Choose the Right OTC Pain Medication | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find out if the pain medications you are taking are still a good fit for your health and lifestyle. As your body changes, so can your pain medicine.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/difference-between-pain-relievers Difference Between Pain Relievers | Get Relief Responsibly® - Understanding the differences in common pain relievers is important in determining the right one for you and your health. Learn the differences today.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/pain-relievers-for-you The Right Pain Reliever for You | Get Relief Responsibly® - Everyone is different, which means not every pain medication works the same for every person. Learn more about what may be the right pain reliever for you.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/questions-to-ask-doctor Questions to ask your Doctor | Get Relief Responsibly® - Get the most out of visits to your doctor by being prepared with questions about pain relievers. We have started a list of common questions, check them out.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/pain-medicine-safety Pain Medicine Safety | Get Relief Responsibly® - Using OTC pain medicines safely means knowing how to properly read a medicine label as well as knowing the correct doses for both adults and children.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/understanding-medicine-labels Understanding Medicine Labels | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find important information on how to correctly read medicine labels along with other helpful information that helps you understand how OTC medicines work.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/use-pain-medicine-safely/adult-dosing-charts Adult Dosing Charts | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find the recommended adult dosing information for acetaminophen and NSAID pain relievers here along with other helpful information about medicine safety.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/use-pain-medicine-safely/childrens-dosing-charts Children’s Dosing Charts | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find the recommended children’s dosing information for acetaminophen or ibuprofen pain relievers as well as helpful tools to ensure your child’s safety.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/get-pain-relief-safely Get Pain Relief Safety | Get Relief Responsibly® - Learn new ways to relieve pain safely and other helpful tips to keep you and your family happy and healthy.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/get-back-pain-relief-safely Back Pain Management | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find out how to get the back pain relief you need safely and effectively with helpful information and videos.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/getting-relief/toothache-relief Toothache Relief | Get Relief Responsibly® - Discover treatment options to relieve dental pain symptoms, such as toothaches or dental surgery pain.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/getting-relief/cold-and-flu-relief Cold & Flu Relief | Get Relief Responsibly® - Discover useful ways to relieve and treat cold and flu symptoms along with other helpful tips.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/safety-in-the-home Medicine Safety at Home | Get Relief Responsibly® - Learn new ways you can make your home a safer place by storing medicine properly and out of reach from your children.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/safety-in-the-home/medicine-storage/tips Medicine Storage Tips | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find quick tips and advice on keeping medicine stored safely away from children and pets.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/safety-in-the-home/medicine-disposal Medicine Disposal | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find out how to dispose of expired medicine in a way that is safe for your family and the environment.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/teen-medication-safety OTC Medicine Safety for Teens & Tweens | Get Relief Responsibly® - Start a conversation with your child about OTC medicine safety and the importance of keeping medicine out of the hands of little ones.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/otc-resources OTC Medication Resources | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find quizzes, videos, and tips designed to help you better understand how to safely choose, use, store, and dispose of OTC medication.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/otc-resources/medicine-safety-links Medicine Safety Resources | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find links to resources and organizations where you can learn more about safely choosing, using, storing and disposing of OTC medicines.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/otc-resources/medication-videos Video Resources | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find helpful videos on a number of topics such as medicine safety, storage, dosing and how to read drug labels.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/find-tools-resources/personal-pain-reliever-quiz Personal Pain Reliever Quiz | Get Relief Responsibly® - Take this quiz to help determine what kind of pain relievers are right for you and your health.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/find-tools-resources/test-your-otc-knowledge-quiz Test Your OTC Knowledge Quiz | Get Relief Responsibly® - Take this quiz to test your knowledge of OTC medicines and get helpful information regarding safety & dosing.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsibly.com/otc-resources/medication-resources Free OTC Medicine Resources | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find resources to help you and your family safely choose, use, store and dispose of OTC medicine.

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