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Firma - Firma GAW-BOR świadczy usługi montażowo-budowlane w tym prace na wysokościach z wykorzystaniem technik alpinistycznych.

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3387 , France

  • H. Hansen - Very hard to copy DVD's to put on ipad

    not easy to use, very frustrated. I am not tech savvy and this is not delivering what I thought, wished I had asked someone first.

  • GMGRacing - Worth the money!

    Always used this, always will Very easy to use, regardless if you're a novice or experienced user.

  • Mary Theresa Feit - I don't see any difference

    I was hoping after 3 weeks, I would notice a difference and unfortunately I don't. Back to the drawing board.

  • DJ Caliban - Intuit is little more than a scam

    I've used Quickbooks Pro 2007 for my business since switching at the beginning of 2007 from AccountEdge. I'm not a bookkeeper, and don't have time to learn to be one, and bookkeepers who can use anything but Quickbooks are impossible to find. As it turns out, bookkeepers who I would hire to use my version could barely use it as it lacked common Wintel features. Passing the company file back and fourth - what should be a SIMPLE and ESSENTIAL task, was impossible. No problem doing that with Office, with music files, video, PDF, and just about anything else. Intuit is either utterly incompetent at engineering a decent datafile or consciously choosing to screw their Mac users.