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  • Johnny Juliano. - solid solid solid.

    Pretty much best mouse i have ever used. Tracking is amazing, and very smooth. Mouse buttons 4 & 5 are just amazingly placed and very responsive and have a solid feeling. So far have not had my scroll wheel decide to scroll on it's own yet like pretty much every other mouse I have used so far in this life haha. I have fairly large hands measuring at 8 3/4 " from tip of middle finger to base of palm and the mouse feels really well in my hand (palm grip style). I really enjoy the shape of the mouse as well. The dpi button is useful ( not that i use it often but still nice to have ).

  • SamanthaLee - Try it!!!

    I wanted to use this for awhile before rating this system. I am overall satisfied. I've been using it for three weeks and I'm seeing consistent results. I should also mention that I have borderline cystic acne, so the fact that I haven't experienced huge zits since using this says a lot. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! Seriously! Also while using this I've been dermarolling and using the illumask. Together, the three pack a punch! Try this system. It's

  • Carrie/Scott - Wish it went over table skirt

    We have a 4'' table skirt, which is about 2.5'' inches in from the edge of our table. This seat does attach, but the U-shaped bars underneath don't go around the skirt - they are not large enough. The seat does attach securely with the U-bars in front of the skirt, but there is a sizable gap between it and the table - a gap large enough to drop a sippy cup through, food, etc.. big mess down below. I wish the U-shaped bars could be a little larger, then maybe my baby could really sit right up to the table instead of being suspended near it.

  • Karen - pricey for 8 ounces

    Although I liked the product & the results of self tanning, I would have to say I would not purchase it again due to the cost & size. I'm not convinced it worked any better than some of the drug store brands. If the company can manage to reduce the price of the product I would be more than happy to buy it again.

  • Carmina Savarese - Great product!

    I saw this on facebook and I thought this was such a great idea. I used it right when I opened my package. It works just like you think it would! You just put it on two of your fingers (I used my middle and ring finger) and stick your nail polish in it, so you don't have to put your nail polish on a far away table and waste time.

  • rubylips - problem solved

    The antenna on my Equinox was too tall to fit through the entrance to my garage. The Stubby Antenna is just what I was looking for. It definitely is just what I needed. Works exactly the same as the original and looks great. It's nice and compact, just what I needed.

  • J0sh11 - Great Bag

    Loaded it up with my snowboarding gear. Helmet, boots, backpack and enough clothing for 4 days. It was easy to carry and was carry on friendly