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FPWNT - Family Planning Welfare Association Northern Territory - Family Planning NT, is a non-profit Organisation, which aims to promote sexual health and rights for everyone. Family Planning NT offers clients safe and confidential access to sexual and reproductive health services, education and information. FPWNT specialises in advice on contraception, pregnancy options, well women's health screening and general sexual health issues. Family Planning NT is committed to improving the Health of all sectors of the NT community and as such contributes to policy in sexual health and operates as a Registered Training Organisation promoting workforce development.

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  • 4Andy - Small, and heavy. Feels like a quality item.

    Nice little light. Made well. Heavy for its size, so it feels very quality, and durable. Purchasing the battery charger and rechargeable batteries with it produces more light. Having the ability to simply use an AA in a pinch is a nice feature.

  • J. Kiernan - Atypical for Asics

    The tongue of this show is attached, making it a little hard to put your foot inside. The shoes don't fit like any other pair of Asics I've ever worn, and I found that it threw my stride off for a few days, making me nearly trip. I've gotten used to it, but likely won't buy metrolytes again.

  • A. L. Rush - This thing is AWESOME

    The 5-year old LOVES this watch. It has tons of activities, is easy to use with big buttons for little fingers and operates for a really long time between charges. I also like that it has fitness-type activities which encourage them to jump/move around.

  • Sanctorium - What a tool...

    I bought this knife so I wouldn't be the biggest tool in my house. Now I am a big tool with a bigger tool.