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  • NEBINNA - not good for you

    returned bc it has SOY in it, not good for you! but was happy they let me return it...now lets see if I can return the other 2 products as well...after I did my own research SOY is the worst thing you can add to your diet, IVL does not say anything about SOY being in there product until you read the lable yourself!

  • Casey B. - Good knife

    Looks good has good balance and is one of my favorite knifes. I owned a few of these over the years and they work perfectly for what I need it for.

  • Anthony Miller - Very nice smelling cologne

    I really like this scent, and for the price it would be hard to beat. It is hard to describe how it smells, but slightly citrus comes to mind. It is just a really nice smell, maybe not for the winter, but definitely for the warmer seasons. I really like the packaging as well, it has a very retro feel to it and the spray bottle administers a good amount of the cologne.

  • Peter griffin - Great Device/App - For ALL levels of fitness

    I initially shunned all fitness bands as I saw them as great for those who wanted to get fit, but not for those maintaining a reasonable fitness level. I train to a reasonably high degree, mixing teaching Full Contact, backed up with 3-4 days each week in the gym (including kickbag sessions).

  • Paula Danley - Very disappointing

    We purchased floor mats for our 2014 Subaru Legacy. The black color shows every speck of dirt. We are very disappointed with the rear mats. They are curling over very bad so that they look very cheap. Though they are more expensive we don't think they are any better than the Husky liners we had in a previous car. The rubber needs to be thicker on the uprights.

  • Shrnae4foodwine - Always rely on Rick Steves

    We always use Rick Steves' guides to plan or outline our vacations. I expect this one won't let us down either. Although there are some areas left out, it works for us, because we aren't going to those areas.