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Experienced Spine Surgeons for Canadians | Spine Institute Northwest - Spine Institute Northwest, located just 160km from the border, gives patients from Canada access to excellent spine and back care from US doctors.

  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/canadians/ Back Pain Relief | Canadian Patients | SINW - SINW offers Canadian back pain patients access to minimally invasive treatments using the latest techniques in healthcare.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/canadians/travel/ Welcome, Canadian Patients! | Laser Spine Surgery Treatment | SINW - Spine Institute NW provides state-of-the-art minimally invasive spinal procedures to treat back pain of patients from Vancouver or British Columbia.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/canadians/u-s-doctors-canadian-patients/ US Spine Surgeons For Canadians | Spine Institute NW - Canadians seeking alternative healthcare options for back problems can take advantage of services offered at SINW, a state-of-the-art laser spine clinic.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/canadians/concierge-service-for-canadians/ Spine Institute NW | Concierge Service for Canadian Patients - Back surgery patients from Canada can avail of our free concierge service that offers complete arrangements from airport transport to hotel accommodations.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/canadians/canada-back-neck-pain-seminars/ Canadian Neck & Back Pain Seminars | SINW Consultations - SINW educates on minimally invasive surgery for neck and back pain. Calgary and Vancouver patients can attend our seminars and get personal consultations.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/ Spine Institute NW Treatments for Canadians | American Spine Surgeons - SINW offers patients minimally invasive outpatient services for Canadians such as endoscopically assisted spinal decompression and lumbar interbody fusion.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/minimally-invasive-spinal-surgery/ Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Canada | Spine Institute Northwest - Spine Institute NW has the latest back pain treatments for Canadian patients. Smaller incisions, less post-op discomfort, and faster patient recovery.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/minimally-invasive-spinal-surgery/endoscopically-assisted-spinal-decompression/ Endoscopically Assisted Spinal Decompression Canada | SINW - Endoscopic-assisted spine decompression at SINW treats back pain and relieves weakness associated with spinal stenosis. Canadian patients welcome!
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/minimally-invasive-spinal-surgery/lumbar-interbody-fusion-and-facet-fixation/ Lumbar Interbody Fusion | Facet Fixation | Spine Institute NW - SINW performs minimally invasive lumbar fusion and facet fixation on Canadian patients to treat back, hip, and shoulder pains brought on by osteoarthritis.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/minimally-invasive-spinal-surgery/endoscopic-assisted-nerve-excision/ BC Spine Surgeons | Minimally Invasive Nerve Excision - American spine surgeon, Dr. Kamson, of the Spine Institute NW, offers Canadian patients nerve excisions to relieve their back pain.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/minimally-invasive-spinal-surgery/anterior-cervical-decompression-and-fusion-surgery/ Anterior Cervical Decompression | ACDF | SINW - Spine Institute Northwest offers Canadian patients minimally-invasive ACDF procedures to treat and relieve pain from spinal cord compression.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/minimally-invasive-spinal-surgery/vertebral-body-augmentation-vertebroplasty-kyphoplasty/ Vertebral Compression Fractures | US Back Surgeons | SINW - US spine experts at SINW treat VCFs through vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty, both minimally invasive procedures. British Columbia patients call 888-712-0318.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/regenerative-therapies/ Regenerative Medicine Canada | Stem Cell Research | SINW - SINW has regenerative therapies that have shown great promise in treating conditions such as back pains, degenerative disc conditions, and sports injuries.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/interventional-spinal-injection-techniques/ Spinal Injections | SINW | Canadian Back Pain Treatments - SINW uses spinal injections for treating and diagnosing back pain. Injections can be used as part of a physical therapy plan and surgical treatment.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/spinal-cord-stimulators/ Spinal Cord Stimulators | Chronic Back Pain Canada | SINW - Spinal cord stimulators can be used for chronic pains unrelieved by traditional treatment. Canadian patients, call SINW at 888-712-0318 today!.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/treatments/pain-pump/ Spinal Pain Pump | SINW Implanted Pain Relief System - Intrathecal pumps deliver pain medication directly to the spinal cord when needed to manage pain. Contact SINW to learn if this treatment is right for you.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/about-sinw/ Laser Back Surgery Canada | Spine Institute NW - Spine Institute NW is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of chronic pain through advancements in minimally invasive spine surgery for Canadians.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/about-sinw/doctors/ US Back Doctors | Spine Surgeons Canada | SINW - Spine Institute Northwest has a dedicated team of US back surgeons, pain management specialists, podiatrists, and osteopaths for patients from Canada.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/about-sinw/facilities/ Spine Institute NW Locations | Canadian Laser Spine Surgery - SINW has Bothell and Tacoma clinics just some 200 km from Vancouver. Our complete facilities handle MRIs, X-Rays, and surgical treatments.
  • https://www.fixmypain.ca/about-sinw/contact-us/ Contact Us at Spine Institute Northwest | Spine Surgery BC - Please fill out the form below for a consultation request. We are here to address our Canadian patients' health concerns about back problems.

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