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  • Amazon Customer - Written Words Create Vivid Imagery and a Weave a Beautiful Journey to Find Love

    This was a beautifully told story that created such vivid images in my mind while reading it. The beauty of the water and the sun, the old villas, the charm of walking through an open air market. This all added to the heartbreaking beauty of Georgie and Gianluca's journey to find healing and love. So well written that I felt so much emotion and I also laughed quite a bit. Georgie was a quirky girl and her inner musings where very funny. The bit in the beginning about being "taken" was extremely funny! The book was a gem and I loved every written word.

  • K. L. Graham - 2015 Ram 2500 Crew Cab

    They stay in place, look great, fit well and do their job. What else do you want from a set of floor mats?!

  • Amazonian - The pans chip after 2 weeks of use.

    I really wanted to like this set but I ended up returning it for a $120 stainless steel (and harder to clean) set that didn't scratch leaving teflon in my food. Still not sure how toxic it is, but after only 2 weeks of use, I thought a pan shouldn't do that--especially since it was light use.

  • technophobic - Delighted

    After 15plus years of TurboTax, now a first-year user of TaxACT, and I couldn't be happier. $12.99 for a package that would have cost me $150 with TT. (I use Schedule A, B, C and D, and depreciation schedules.) Saying goodbye to slimy Intuit: priceless!! Switch-over was painless. Overall, entering the data is as easy as it was with TT -- at one point, TaxACT is even better as it allows for overrides where TurboTax has limited the override capability more and more. The import of my 1099 forms is manual, however it is a minimal effort, in the course of which I discovered that one automated import last year dropped taxes withheld: either the bank did the wrong encoding of the 1099 form or the TT software did the wrong decoding. In any case, an unexpected refund for me. (I did not choose the bundle because my state makes it super easy to enter the data directly on the website of the state revenue department.) (I have TaxACT running on Vista and on Windows 8.1 in desk top mode - no problem in either case.)